When you are working with your CNC knife cutter, one high speed digital flash cutting system, you should pay attention to some safety guidelines of CNC digital knife cutting machine operation to avoid danger.

When you are working with your CNC knife cutter:

1. Always wear the correct PPE, especially eye protection.

2. Never wear dangling clothing or loose hair where it could possibly be caught by any machinery.

3. Keep your wires and cords bundled and organized where they cannot trip people or ever interfere with the operation of the machines.

4. Leave space around your CNC knife cutting machine for maneuvering.

5. A person must always be present while machinery is running, unless automated safety. shutoffs are in place and you accept the risk of a machine damaging itself.

6. Keep tools maintained at all times and remember that a dull blade is more likely to build up stress and break instead of cutting, possibly throwing shards. These safety guidelines apply whether you are using a 30㎡ industrial CNC with an oscillating blade on a factory floor, or a 30cm wide consumer die cutter in the corner of your workshop.

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