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5 common questions of handheld laser welding machine

Handheld fiber laser welding machine is very popular now.Here share you 5 common questions of handheld laser welding machine.

Here are some common questions about the 1kw laser welding machine.Hope it will be helpful to you.

1. 1kw laser welding machine ability

2.Is it easy to operate?

Yes, the operating system can be set in English.And you just need to set some different parameters on the screen.You can learn how to use it in few hours.

3.Does the machine need auxiliary gas? 

Yes,the laser welding machine need auxiliary gas- nitrogen or argon all is ok whatever materials need to be welded.It is mainly used for protect the lens.If have no Auxiliary gas, the protective is easy to burn out. And the welding surface looks very dark if has no Auxiliary gas. A tin of gas can be used continuously about for 6-7 hours.Gas consumption is slower than the cutting machine.

4.Does the machine have quick-wear parts?

Yes, only the protective lens.It will need to replace in about 5-7 days.It depends on how you use it.

5.How about  the warranty?

XT LASER offer 2 years for whole machine. During the period, any parts are broken, we will bear all the shipping cost and repair for you for free.

Any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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