3KW Full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

3KW Full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

3KW Full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

One popular 3KW full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine introduce to you.

Firstly full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table picture share with you.

3KW Full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

Secondly, machine model video share with you: https://youtu.be/YxL_6ktL4NQ

Hope this video can well let you know the machine shape and working principle.

Machine with full enclosed model can well ensure worker’s safety.

Machine with exchange table can improve loading and unloading material time.

Then can well improve working efficiency.

Machine characteristics:

Firstly, Full protection and humanized design.

Full protection and humanized design
Fully enclosed laser protective glass design to prevent laser damage to personnel.

The design of the automatic collection system of smoke and dust, the cutting smoke and dust are internally filtered and processed to meet the emission standards, making the process environmentally friendly.

Intelligent monitoring system design and real-time intelligent monitoring reduce the incidence of accidents.

Secondly, Fast exchange table.

High-speed parallel exchange table design, dual worktables can be exchanged at the same time, and the transmission mode is stable and reliable.

Fast, shorten the exchange time, save the loading and unloading auxiliary time.

The frequency converter controls the exchange motor, and the machine speed can be exchanged within 15S.

Thirdly, Full “core” intelligent system.

The new generation numerical control system, the operation is more flexible.

Imported mature systems and servo motors, integrated independent research and development of dedicated laser cutting system.

The operating system provides a rich and friendly human-computer interaction interface, which is a bridge for communication and interaction between machines and humans.

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