Why buying laser machines from XT Laser?-Ariel | XTLASER

Why buying laser machines from XT Laser?-Ariel

Why buying laser machines from XT Laser?

Why buying laser machines from XT Laser?Many clients have this question.


1 First of all, XT Laser is a professional company for a series of laser machine in China over 15 years. Whichever from the experience of exporting or the experience of machine assembling, we are expert for both of them.

2 Because XT Laser is located on Jinan city, which is the one of laser machine production basement in China. And we will get the funds and technical help by government. Company own two factories and one sales office. At present, XT Laser has over 150 employee. And they are in sales department, after-sales department, technical department, quality inspection department, assembly department and so on. Every department will ensure your user experience.

3 XT Laser is factory who has the ability to independent research and production. So, the buyer who buy from XT Laser directly will save a lot of cost than purchase from agent or trading company.

4 XT Laser has exported to over 50 countries. We do have certification like CE (for EURO), FDA(for US), ISO(International) and etc..We might don’t have the certification for some countries. But base on those certification, our products’ quality already been checked by many organizations, and we gain their trust.


5 For the Machine, the key part of the machine is laser source. The laser source XT Laser use is from Raycus’ pulse type laser source. Raycus is the No.1 laser source brand in China. Other company has a long distance to reach his place. And XT Laser has a good relationship with Raycus. When we done the first laser cleaning machine, Raycus also give us a lot of help. So, the laser cleaning machine is designed by Raycus and XT Laser together.

6 Unique design, XT Laser always give the best to customers. And for the scanning head, we put a carrier in front of the head, which is able to keep the focal length and protect the lens.

7 When customer have questions before they purchase machine, XT Laser’s sales person never lie to customer. We want our customer to know the limitation of the machine. And for our machine’s advantages, the sales person could tell you the principle and we can explain why our machine is better.


8 The warranty we give to customers is always warranty the whole machine. Which means once the machine has a problem, XT Laser shall bear all the freight. We are confidence for our quality, so we are willing to bear all the freight if something goes wrong.

9 Online service are provided. You can talk to our online service to solve your question.

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