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 Introduction of fiber laser marking machine

 Fiber laser marking machine is composed of  laser, scanning galvanometer, control board, lens and cabinet auxiliary marking equipment

  We think fiber as gain medium with fiber laser improve the single photoelectric conversion rate and light. Because vity of the laser increases the stability of the beam propagation in the optical . And t rquire a water cooling device.

 Besides nning vibrating mirror adopts high-speed electric machine.hich has the advantages of short response time.high precision, high precision, high speed, etc.Ad can use according to the needs of users too.

  Because card is the control system of the whole equipment. using high integrate circuit. Besides marking software to complete a variety of marking requirements.So mark on the plane, the circular object surface marking.As well as ng marking. rotary marking, etc..

  Because is a lens, the three lens group will focus the laser beam on a plane also.

  Ji’nan XTLASER production laser  laser marking machine adopts fiber laser scanning galvanometer and advanced. Its equipment is stable, high precision. long time working laser power stability, no thermal drift. Therefore processing industry a very high cost of marking machines. to provide a reliable guarantee for the application of laser industry.

      Besides Fiber laser marking machine can use the marking reagent. marking the most bare metal Laser marking can  use directly to the because aluminum, the production of high contrast images. which is the serial number tag,because ation cards and two-dimensional bar code of the ideal choice. Metal laser marking can provide a high degree of durability, and does not have to sacrifice the integrity of the material. Available materials: coating metal, brass, cobalt, copper, iron, nickel, tin wax, stainless steel, steel, titanium, tungsten, also 


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