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Maintenance of laser marking machine+June

Maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machine

The application of laser marking machines in industry at home and abroad is being paid more and more attention. What’s more, Maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machine

As a result, a variety of new marking systems emerge in an endless stream, which is replacing the traditional marking method with its unique advantages.

With the wide application of laser marking machines, its maintenance methods have also received extensive attention. Every summer is the high-intensity working time of the laser marking machine.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the summer maintenance method:

1. If the temperature of the surrounding environment of the laser marking machine exceeds 30 degrees.

Factories with good conditions can open air conditioners, and factories without air conditioners should be as ventilated as possible.
2. In the basement or near the river laser marking machine, be sure to use a hygrometer to measure to measure the humidity near the marking machine.
Moreover, if the humidity is too high, condensation is likely to occur. Which seriously affects the normal operation of the laser machine.
In addition, you can heat up to room temperature by turning off the room, or add desiccant around the light path of the marking machine.
3. The air-cooled laser marking machine should always clean the dust on the fan and the optical bench.
4, water-cooled laser marking machine to do a week to change the water (usually used), and the chiller dust net should also be cleaned every day as well.
5. In the process of marking the marking machine, the dust generated by the interaction between the laser and the energy.

Maximize the protection of laser lenses.
6.Summer marking machine maintenance should also pay attention to is that the temperature inside the entire equipment can not be too high.
Moreover, if the temperature is too high, it will affect the stable operation of the laser power supply.
If there is no fan, add an external fan.