Things to know before buying a fiber laser marking machine-Ariel

Things to know before buying a fiber laser marking machine

Today I will show you things to know before buying a fiber laser marking machine from China. First you need confirm fiber laser markers can satisfy your work. Then compare the specification.

1) Laser source is the core spare part of the machine. 

Someone asked “why laser source is so important”.Fiber laser marking machine, small size, no wearing part, free maintenance, high speed, high precision etc., it seems it is a perfect machine. But no, laser source decides the working time of machine. Some suppliers say you can use machine reach up to 10 years, 20 years. In fact, if your laser source broken at the second year, then maybe you need change a new machine.
Because after 2-3 years, laser source will weaker than before One day, you find it can’t satisfy your work. So it also means you need change laser source.

Popular brands in market is Germany IPG, China Raycus, China Max photonics, (you also will see UK SPI, but use very less in laser marker). To be honest, some suppliers maybe provide copy IPG, Raycus to get a lower price to attract customers. You need careful.

IPG laser source: (better quality, better beam quality);Raycus Laser Source: (stable quality) ;MaxPhotonics laser source: (very common

2) Galvo head 

Popular brands includes Germany Scanlab, Germany Raylase, China Beijing Sunny brand and Beijing Sino brand.

Very important: copy version Scanlab is verrrrry common in China market. If I were customer, I won’t choose Scanlab in China market. In fact, Real version Germany Scanlab is very expensive, cost is USD6200(original imported) and USD4000(imported mirrors, installed in China). Any other cheaper than this, copy version. (price is only for reference, maybe it will change time by time.)

China Sunny brand Galvo head is good. Head is big and with black color. More cost-effective than Scanlab. As my pinion.

Sino galvo head also is fine. Cheaper than Sunny brand. But if you don’t compare the marking result by magnifier. You can’t see the difference. Besides, the speed of Sunny galvo head is faster than sino brand, If you need fly marking machine and have strict requirement for speed, then choose Sunny brand.
3) F-theta lens 
As I know, wavelength brand F-theta lens is good. It’s from singapore, also has factory in China, nanjing city.
4) Control system. 
Now in market, 2 control systems are popular. The first one, Beijing JCZ control system, EZCAD software. Performance better, convenient to control, and it support English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages for now. Supported format includes PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, JPG, DST, DWG etc..

Second, Samlight software. It’s from Germany. So price is higher than EZCAD. In market, less people choose it because add one more function, you need pay for that. For example, basic price only includes basic function. Sometimes, you want “rotary axis” function, you have to pay extra money for that. So if you choose this software, you’d better ask clearly for suppliers.
Besides those 4 parts, they are still several details, just like worktable, rotary axis, computer etc., you also can compare those details to know which one is the better supplier.

The last, ask supplier copy machine parameters in your computer. In general, supplier will test machine and adjust parameters well before delivery. Better supplier will keep one copy in your computer, someone not. So better remind them.

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