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Which industries are laser cutter suitable for?

Then, Which industries are laser cutter suitable for? in the laser cutter industry, fiber laser cutting machines occupy a large part in industrial manufacturing. For most metal materials, no matter how hard they are, they can perform infinite cutting. Today we will take a look at the practical application of laser cutting machines in various industries.

Kitchenware manufacturing industry

In the kitchen processing industry, hoods and burning appliances use a large number of sheet metal panels.

Then, using traditional processing methods, low efficiency, high mold consumption, high cost of use, and restrict new product development.

The emergence of laser cutting machine equipment solving the problem that plaguing kitchen manufacturers. The laser cutting machine is using to process the sample on the panel, and the new product is rapidly developing. The cutting speed of the laser processing equipment is extremely fast, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

At the same time, the laser processing equipment has a very high cutting precision, which improves the yield of the range hood and the burning appliance. For some shaped products, laser cutting machines are uniquely advantageous.

To sum up

Then, it breaks the traditional manual and electric shear speed and is difficult to typeset, which fully solves the problem that the efficiency can not reach and waste materials.

Then, the cutting speed is fast and the operation is simple. Just input the pattern and size to be cut into the computer, the machine will cut the whole material into the finished product you need, without the tool, the mold is needed, and the laser can realize the non-contact processing. , simple and fast.

In addition to the above-mentioned most widely used laser cutting machines, such as automotive, aerospace, steel construction, elevator manufacturing, printing industry, etc. have a corresponding development space, so laser cutting machine will become the mainstream development in the future.