Two major preventions about fiber laser marking machine-Zoro

Two major prevent about fiber laser marking machine   1. Prevent fiber breakage The pump source of the laser system and the laser head connect by an optical fiber. The user should ensure that the bending diameter of the optical fiber is greater than 300mm during use or transportation. Severe bending will cause fiber breakage […]

Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Widely Use-Nancy

Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Widely Use-Nancy Why Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Widely Use-Nancy Machine working video: 1. First of all, main advantage of laser cutting machine over mechanical processing. Wide range of processing objects, small deformation, high precision, energy saving. And automation are all significant advantages of laser cutting. In addition, there are high-efficiency, […]

High speed cutting fiber laser machine factors-Jenny

High speed cutting fiber laser machine factors High speed cutting fiber laser machine factors. Fiber laser cutting machine now is really hot selling, here show some high speed fiber laser cutting machine features: 1. The whole machine optical routing fiber transmission does not require a complicated light guiding system such as a mirror.  It the optical […]

Fiber laser air cutting process transformation solution-Jenny

Fiber laser air cutting process transformation solution Now fiber laser cutting machine is good selling. we have many customers want to use the air cutting. So high pressure compresses air cutting process transformation solution. 1. Original reason: Nitrogen (≦1.4MPa) mainly use for cutting stainless steel materials to ensure the stainless steel color of the cut section. […]

Popular fiber laser welding machine-Serena

Popular fiber laser welding machine Nowadays, welding by fiber laser welder is an advanced processing method. Metal kitchenware, metal railings, metal parts and so on use it widely. And it mainly has the characteristics of smooth sealing. No need to polish, firm and beautiful solder joints.It’s popular fiber laser welding machine. Advantages of fiber laser welding […]