Triple chucks laser tube cutting machine
with side mount design for heavy duty metal bevel cutting


High rigidity machine frame with nearly no deformation
Wide range of application with almost no tailings
To make heavy tubes loading easier

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The machine frame is made from
thick metal plates and tubes

With dynamic structural design, the machine frame is welded from high quality raw materials and is roughened by stress relief annealing.
Secondary vibration aging treatment, large-scale gantry milling machine precision machining, etc.. With these steps, we ensure that the guide surface and rack surface are completed at one time and therefore ultra precision will be assured.

3 Pneumatic chucks
Precise position control and torque control to ensure no loosening of thick tubes and no deformation of thin tubes
Square and round hole design for better passing of various tubes
Clamping force can be intelligently adjusted for different types of tube cutting
Full range of clamping without manual adjustment
Adopting eight-cylinder structure, the clamping force is twice as much as that of ordinary chucks.
Precision ground gear drive for more power and efficiency
Axle beams

With axle beams design, it strives for stable structure, accurate positioning and strong dynamic performance.
The connection structure with the bed is firm and stable to ensure the machining precision.

Servo-following support system
Semi-automatic loading of one pipe and real-time height adjustment according to the height of the pipe rotation
To achieve perfect support while laser is cutting
Strong support load-bearing. the overall 12-meter loading to meet the maximum weight of pipe lifting up to 1150KG
Servo-following lowering

Applicable to the automatic feeding for pipes of various length ,
it brings you higher feeding efficiency. Once pipe cutting and punching is finished, the pallet table automatically hold the pipes. With such a design, it prevents the pipe from falling on the ground, which is convenient for the whole pipe to be discharged.

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laser tube cutting machine samples

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