Automatic Feeding Module

Automatic operation
Intelligent and efficient

A wide Angle of 120 degrees
High precision swing arm
Precise feeding position
Increase efficiency by 20%
Automatic Operation Accurate and Efficient

High precision swing arm positioning. Ensure the plate feeding position accurate
Auxiliary equipment high-precision connection with the main machine feeding

Large Range Corner
Sense of Security Guaranteed

Wide range, swing arm can adapt to your application, the position in the equipment layout more flexible configuration. Abundant safety sensor modules are configured to ensure safe operation

Automation, High Efficiency and Safety

Automatic loading of raw materials to the switchboard to save labor costs;

Efficient feeding, significantly improve the cutting machine efficiency, processing efficiency increased by 20%;

Save non-production time, save energy and reduce consumption. Digital operation, safe handling.

Product Parameters


GA Series

Max Feeding Width


Min Feeding Width


Max Loading Weight


The Min Thickness of the Loading Plate


The Max Thickness of the Feeding Plate


Max Load of Finished Material Trolley


Max Height of Finished Sheet



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