Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Three removable chuck precise cutting
12M tube cutting is availableSupportor
Follow-up system, more precise and flexible
Locked center by one button
three chuck removable, precise laser cutting

Total stroke chuck, tube of any length loading is available and use the whole tube as much as possible to reach “0 tailing” cuttingOptional (9M loading & 6M unloading / 6M loading & 6M unloading )Optional (Full automatic loading / Semiautomatic loading)

Heavy bearing chuck

Specific chuck with heavy bearing, always two chuck keep clamping during cutting process to guarantee high cutting precisionApplied with 360mm diameter pneumatic chuck, support 20-240mm tube. Clamping is stable, no damage for workpiece

Servo follow-up

servo follow-up support systemApplied
with follow-up supportor by CNC
controlMore flexible and precise than traditional supportor

Cutting Samples
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