G Series

Full Cover Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine

1500W-6000W Optional

Processing Sizes: 3015/4020/6020/6025mm Are Available

New Standard and Experience

Extreme Design

The G-Series laser cutting machines are renowned for their all-metal cover, and dual table design. The all-metal cover ensures machine stability and durability, while the dual-table design gives you unrivaled flexibility and efficiency.

Ultimate Performance

The G-Series sheet metal laser cutting machine are equipped with 1500W to 6000W laser to meet a variety of processing needs. The structural design of the welded bed and aluminum profile beams ensures cutting accuracy and stability.

Ultimate Intelligence

Our laser cutter is equipped with an intelligent automatic fume collection system, making the working environment cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The rich human-machine interface makes the operation more simple and intuitive.

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Full Cover Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Features

Advanced Laser Head

Advanced Laser Head

The laser head of the G series laser cutting machine adopts advanced metal fiber technology, featuring high energy density and precise focusing. Its optimized optical design and stable laser output ensure consistent and reliable cutting quality.

Equipped with lenses and nozzles of various focal lengths to meet the processing needs of different materials and thicknesses, it provides users with greater flexibility and choice.

Stable Bed Body and Zoned Dust Removal System

Stable Bed Body and Zoned Dust Removal System

The plate welding bed is welded with high-quality steel, which has high rigidity and deformation resistance, ensuring the stability of the workpiece and machining accuracy during the cutting process.

By dividing the cutting area into several independent dust removal zones with professional dust removal equipment and filters, it can effectively collect and treat the fumes and exhaust gases generated during the cutting process to protect the health of the operators and also reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment, which is in line with the requirements of the modern manufacturing industry for environmental protection and health and safety.

Aluminum Profile Beams

Aluminum Profile Beams - Combining Lightness and Strength

The aluminium profile beam is the key component of the structure of the G series laser cutting machine, which has the characteristics of lightweight and high strength to ensure the stability and precision of the machine.
The optimized design and manufacturing process of the aluminum profile beam ensures its reliability and durability at high cutting speeds and over long periods. At the same time, the structural design of the aluminum profile beam also enables the whole machine to have smaller inertia and faster response speed, improving cutting precision and efficiency.

Integrated Electronic Control Cabinet

Integrated Electronic Control Cabinet

The integrated electrical control cabinet, a single-unit solution, streamlines control systems for industrial equipment by consolidating all electrical components into one enclosure.

This compact design optimizes space utilization, simplifies installation, and enhances system reliability, offering seamless control and monitoring capabilities for a variety of applications across industries.


Model XT-G1530 XT-G2040 XT-G2060 XT-G2560
Working Area 1530×3050mm 2000×4050mm 2000×6050mm 2530×6050mm
Pallet Exchange Time 25S 30S 35S 35S
Max Linkage Speed 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min
Max Acceleration 0.8G 0.8G 0.8G 0.8G
Positional Accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Re-positional Accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm

Application Fields

laser cutting machine in Sheet Metal Processing

Sheet Metal Processing

The G-Series metal laser cutter is the tool of choice for sheet metal processing.It can accurately cut a variety of metal materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc., to meet the demand for fine processing of plates in various metallurgical processes.

laser cutting machine in Aerospace


In the aerospace field, the high-power laser system and precise cutting ability of the G series enable it to process a variety of aerospace parts, including engine components, aircraft structural parts, etc.

laser cutting machine in Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

The G-Series metal laser cutting machines offer flexible processing solutions for manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Its dual table design and multiple processing width options allow it to adapt to a wide range of different sizes and shapes of mechanical parts processing needs.

Laser Cutting Samples

metal sheet laser cutting machine samples

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