Aluminum Cutting
For fiber laser cutting machine,it is popular in the filed of metal processing.
As you known,different laser power can cut different thickness.
Firstly,check the cutting parameters of Aluminum cutting.
Sharing one of Aluminum cutting video with you
Aluminum Cutting
Different thickness CS need different laser watt.
Below the Max cutting thickness of different watt, for CS Cutting:
Secondly,for Aluminum, this is one kind of high-reflective material.
If you need to cut high-reflective materials,Aluminum,Silver,Brass,its better to choose Nlight laser source.
There are three reliable kinds of laser source. Fisrt is the Germany IPG,Second is the Chinese Raycus,third is the American Nlight.
Whats the differences among the three laser sources.
For IPG,it is the No.1 in the field of fiber laser source around the world. The Raycus is the No.1 in China.
Firstly for IPG and Raycus,the IPG is really stable,but you know,the IPG,we also need to import from German,so the price is higher than Raycus.
For Raycus,the stability is almost as the IPG,but it is made in China,without any import tax,the price is more competitive than IPG.
Finally,the Nlight,it is special for high-reflective materials cutting.Cause there is one more laser reflective protector,when cutting the
Aluminum,brass,silver,it will hurt the laser source by the reflective laser.
So the life span time of the laser source will be not too longer,and easy to break down,the failure rate have to be higher.
Thats from our testing department feedback according to many times cutting.
Sharing some Aluminum samples with you:

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