Handheld continuous laser cleaning machine
1500 واط/2000 واط/3000 واط

Stable laser output
Ensure thorough cleaning

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حجم صغير ، سهل الحركة
سهل التركيب والتحكم
تصميم محمول باليد ، سهل الحمل ، لا تلوث ، لا مواد استهلاكية إضافية
حandheld cleaning head

Multiple security alarms are set, operation is simple and flexible.
The whole machine is more stable: all parameters are visible, the status of the whole machine is monitored in real time to avoid problems in advance, and easy for troubleshooting, make sure the handheld cleaning head works stably.
Controllable parameters and high repeatability. To stabilize the mechanical structure and lens state, only need to stable the laser power and the process parameters must be repeatable, greatly improving efficiency.

سignificant advantage

من السهل إزالة بقع الراتينج ، وطلاء الطلاء ، والصدأ ، ومواد التكسية ، والطلاء.
When compared with traditional cleaning tools, Fiber laser cleaning machine has big advantages

Reduce material surface damage at the same time
Effective removal of pollution particles

Fast cleaning speed
No consumables cost

Free online training

Custom R & D/free proofing

Suitable for handheld
Combined robotic cleaning

Rust removal, rubber abrasive cleaning, oil stains,
dirt, welding surfaces, plating, coatings, etc.

Factory direct sales
No middleman spreads

Easy to operate and easy to use

No professional technical personnel required, can get started after simple training, which greatly reduces the difficulty of personnel recruitment.
Without damaging the material,
sensitive materials such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel and carbon fiber reinforced polymer coating material, and tiny gaps all can be cleaned.

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