XTLASER the introduction of laser cleaning machine Martin

XTLASER the introduction of laser cleaning machine Martin

XTLASER the introduction of laser cleaning machine Martin

What should we do? When the metal has rust.

What should we do? When we want to remove the paint.

What should we do?  When we clean the oily on the surface of the material.

For the first time, we will choose to use the chemical method. We would think of cleaning up oil stains with detergent. And we will choose sandpaper to remove the rust on metal.

Now! We can find a new way to clean the rust, paint, oily, etc. Do not use chemicals, not use sandpaper.

How! We can use a laser cleaning machine to do that job! Share a laser cleaning picture with you..

We said so lot about the laser cleaning machine. The principle of the laser cleaning machine: Also, we use the laser beam high power. Let the rust, paint, oily evaporate, and peel in a short time. To achieve the cleaning of the surface.

The features of laser cleaning machine:

First, the first domestic manufacturer of high-power pulsed fiber laser cleaning laser;

Second, No grinding and non-contact cleaning to avoid secondary pollution;

Third, High cleaning precision and strong controllability;

Forth, No consumables, strong environmental protection;

Fifth, The operation is simple, just turn on the electricity, and can be hand-held or cooperated with the robot to realize automatic cleaning.

Sixth, high cleaning efficiency, save time;

Seventh, the system is stable and has a long life;

Eighth, One-time investment, economical and efficient;


TLASER the introduction of laser cleaning machine Martin

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