XTLASER and Qiaofeng Intelligent Equipment held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony-Eliza

XTLASER and Qiaofeng Intelligent Equipment held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony-Eliza

XTLASER and Qiaofeng held a strategic cooperation agreement
First, A strategic cooperation agreement:

XTLASER and Qiaofeng held a strategic cooperation agreement. On the afternoon of May 26, 2021, Jinan Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. and Qiaofeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The chairman of the board and senior executives of the two parties attended the signing ceremony and discussed industrial cooperation, technological innovation, and product development.

Exchange opinions on matters related to deepening cooperation.
As a partner of both parties, Jinnuo Exhibition was invited to participate in the signing event, witnessing the strong alliance of the industry and opening a new chapter together.


Second, Gantry milling equipment

In order to accelerate the pace of doubling and increase production capacity in an all-round way to meet the delivery capacity of 500 optical fiber cutting machines per month.

Xintian Laser has spent 10 million yuan to introduce large-scale gantry milling equipment to Qiaofeng Equipment.
Chairman Jiang Xiuhua and his team first visited Xintian Technology’s factory workshops and corporate exhibition halls. And learned more about Xintian Technology’s corporate development, product development, achievement transformation and market promotion. Xintian Technology’s general manager Li Qingchun introduced the company’s operations And development planning. Jiang Dong highly praised Xintian Technology’s strength and achievements in the industry, and made clear the goals and confidence of the cooperation between the two parties.


Third, Common goal of win-win

Before the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhang of Xintian Laser and Mr. Jiao of Qiaofeng Group respectively gave detailed reports on the development of the two companies. Xintian Laser is committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for all scenarios and building one-stop services.

Uniting with Qiaofeng Group, which is making unremitting efforts to become a first-class brand in China’s machine tool industry, will help Xintian laser technology upgrade, increase productivity, and build an industrial chain matrix.

On June 8th, Chairman Jia of Jinan Xintian Laser, Mr. Li, Mr. Xue, Mr. Liu, Mr. Zhang and a group of five people visited Qiaofeng Group’s Nanjing factory for inspection and guidance, Chairman Jiang of Qiaofeng Group, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xia of Nanjing Factory Received and introduced the development of the company. The customer spoke highly of the design structure, assembly process and on-site management of Qiao Feng’s large gantry. The two parties had a deeper exchange on the next step of strategic cooperation and reached a number of consensuses.

Fourth, Common goal of win-win

Xintian Laser and Qiaofeng Intelligent Equipment are both representative companies in the industry. And have reached more than 30 million cooperation projects and reached cooperation intentions in many aspects. In the signing talks, the two parties stated that they have their own advantages and common goals, and have a solid foundation for cooperation.

This cooperation marks the beginning of a new stage of cooperation between the two parties.
The two parties have reached in-depth cooperation on setting up offices, equipment procurement, and customer marketing services. Establishing strategic partnerships, and forming long-term cooperative development alliances with unified resource integration advantages.

In the follow-up development, we will jointly utilize the resources of both parties to support each other and develop together to achieve the common goal of win-win.


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