XT LASER fiber laser cutting machine questions client will be concerned-Tulsa

XT LASER fiber laser cutting machine questions client concerned-Tulsa


1. Cutting machine questions client concerned 1: cypcut support Window systerm?

Yes, Win7 and Win10 it support.


2. Will 4kw cutting slower than we showed?

No, because we adjusted power to 4000w for cutting, and laser source is IPG, so your machine cutting result will be faster and cutting smooth than we showed.


3. What the mainly question in after-sale or machine damage? How long it will takes to send back to China if moudule damage?

Honestly, more than 80% problem is client connect wrong line or don’t know how to operation.

And more than 15% is protect glass, nozzle dirty or damange, cutting result not well.

Laser source failure rate less than 3%. If it’s damage bvecause of quality, IPG will change a new one for you for free. If damage because of operation, you just need pay the delivery cost to China, we will keep in repair, delivery coat to US we will afford. It will take 2 weeks.

Because if change modules,it needs dustfree environment and professional skills,so it is better to send back to IPG factory.

Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

IPG Laser source advantage:

1) High photoelectric conversion rate

Can reach 45%, Raycus or Maxphotonics are only about 25%

IPG can help users lower down production cost, improve production efficiency , in the long run,

users can gain more profit .

2) German brand ,good quality,laser power weakened slower than other brand.

Users can use IPG laser source machine for 4-5 years longer time than other brand laser source,

so higher value will be created by IPG.

3)High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality

Overseas big machine suppliers, such as Bystronic,LVD .etc, also are using IPG laser source.

4) low failure rate, only 3%,such low failure rate can make sure that your production can not be

affected very much .

IPG has special model for China market,so the purchasing cost is cheaper than buy from EU or NA



4. Machine bed and gantry

15-18mm heavy plate welding machine bed,weight is 5200kg, it’s stable, will support maximum 10kw machine running.


Aluminum profile beam, high strength, light weight, low deformation


5. Shipment

Take 3015 model need take one 40HQ for shipping;

1). Warranty
As we mentioned before,warranty is 2 years for whole machine (except for consumables such as Nozzles,Protective lens..)

Within warranty, any parts has problem that need change or repair, XTLASER will bear DHL/TNT freight to change new parts or repair for you (except for human damage),you just need to pay for the cost for return it. It means after you choose XTLASER, you needn’t pay extra money for service, we have one online team can support you if you have any doubts about machine operation.

As you know,now everywhere was lockdown,engineer can not go overseas for installation (otherwise,our engineer will go your factory for training and installation),but please do not worry,XTLASER has service team will help for installation online.


Before shipment, we will do cutting text for client, send picture and video to them, so that they can make sure machine is working well.
Leave the cutting parameter of material and thickness you need to cut in laptop, so that you no need to adjust parameter in cutting process.

3).Use manu and Operation video
We have full operation videos of laser system-Cypcut,and also our service team will help you to learn it 🙂
We have online English after-sale service team, they will deal with your problem 24 hours, 7 days every week.

They will have a video chat to tell you how to installation and adjustment, if any problems, they will deal with you also.