Why more and more customers choose high-power laser cutting machines

As a very popular sheet metal processing method in recent years, high-power laser cutting machines mainly use lasers with extremely high energy density to complete the processing of metal parts, use heat to complete the melting of the metal, and use high-pressure gas blowing Take the slag, form the cutting seam, and complete the cutting of the metal parts. Its advantages mainly include the following aspects:

1. Narrow kerf, high precision, good kerf roughness, one-time forming after cutting, no need for secondary processing. What are the characteristics of the ultra-large format high-power laser cutting machine?
According to the development trend of my country’s laser industry in recent years, we can find that laser equipment is developing in the direction of high power and intelligence, and the main reason for this phenomenon is due to the characteristics of the high power laser cutting machine itself.
1. The composition of a laser cutting machine mainly includes the bed, laser, water cooler and console, etc., with a more compact structure, which improves the convenience of operation;
2. High cutting accuracy and good stability: The use of precision ball screw transmission mechanism, optimized CNC system control, can meet the processing of precision parts, and the dynamic performance is stable, and it can continue to work for a long time.
3. Good quality of the cutting section: the mechanical follow-up cutting head system is adopted. The cutting head moves with the height of the plate, and the position of the cutting point always remains unchanged, so that the cutting seam is flat and smooth, and the section does not need subsequent processing, which is suitable for flat or curved plate cutting .
4. Large cutting breadth, suitable for cutting materials: the maximum cutting thickness is stainless steel 5mm, carbon steel 8mm, and sheet metal with a breadth of 6000mm×2000mm; processing materials: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium Wait.
5. High performance-price ratio: For thin plate cutting, it can replace CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine and shearing machine.
Due to the uncertainty of market competition, no company can guarantee that it will always be engaged in a single production mode. Therefore, the demand for equipment of production enterprises is gradually developing in the direction of multi-purpose and strong applicability, and high-power laser cutting The machine has such characteristics. The increase in power means the increase in the thickness of the sheet that can be cut, which gives production enterprises greater autonomy. Therefore, this has also become more and more enterprises to buy high-power laser cutting machines. one of the reasons


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