Why do countries all over the world choose XTLASER’s ultra-high power equipment?

Why all over the world choose XTLASER’s high power equipment?—XTLASER

Why all over the world choose XTLASER’shigh power equipment?The increase in laser power has also increased the requirements for the equipment itself, but this is not something that can be solved by buying a high-power cutting head. The increase in laser power has a direct impact on the increase in power density. From 3kw to 12kw, the power density is increased by 4 times, which means that the energy per unit area is greater..that is the reason Why all over the world choose XTLASER’shigh power equipment



If the development trend of fiber lasers is seen from the trend of medium and high power laser processing. The most popular fiber lasers in the early market are 1 kW to 2 kW. However, with the pursuit of improved processing speed and efficiency. 3k ~ 6kW products have become the industry’s hottest. In the future, this trend driving the industry’s demand for 10 kW and higher power segment fiber lasers.

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XTLASER ultra-high-power equipment is characterized by “stable, precise and fast”, allowing customers to achieve stable batch cutting during use, products meet high-quality requirements, processing efficiency is doubled, product delivery cycle is shortened, and greater Economic benefit


Wear protective eyes, protective gloves, protective clothing, etc. The current laser cutting machine will be equipped with a sheet metal cover as the first layer of protection. Anyone is prohibited from entering energy during operation, which effectively prevents laser leakage and the safety of the operator.

The laser is a processed physical light, so it will not cause radiation damage to the human body and cause cell cancer, but the light emitted by the high-power laser is high-intensity light, so we cannot directly look at it or touch it directly. It must be operated safely. Use laser equipment.

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