What’s the difference between UV laser and Fiber laser engraving machine?(1) – Elena

These two machines can engrave a lot of materials, plastics, leather, metals, and others. However, whats the main difference and why one is much more expensive than the other? In this blog we are going to explain whats the difference between these two technologies and what are their primary use.

Both machines may look the same

The main structure of this machine by outlook may look similar. But the technology that these machines use inside is different. The fiber laser uses a different power supplier than the UV laser, other of the difference is that the UV laser needs to be refrigerated by a water chiller, while the Fiber laser is refrigerated only by air.

These machines are designed for different material engraving solutions

The fiber laser engraving machine has as a primary use engrave and offer solutions to the metal marking industries. This machine it can mark, engrave and carve over all the metal materials. Moreover, the UV laser is designed to be a practical solution for marking plastics and glass — the UV laser machine it can engrave a vast number of materials, from metals to paper. Check the list of materials that this machines can engrave and mark.

UV laser common applications

Mark: some metals, all glass, paper, fruits, wood, ceramic, garments

Mark and engrave: all plastics, some stones, leather

And other materials, for more information consult us.

Fiber laser common applications

Mark and engrave: all metals, some plastics,

Mark: some stones, some leathers, some paper, some garments


For more information about other materials consult us.

As we can see the laser UV, it can engrave more materials than the fiber laser. The UV laser it can mark over different materials, but it has less power of engraving and carving over metal materials. It is there when the fiber laser machine it can have a significant advantage over the UV laser at the time of mark, engrave and carve metal materials.


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