What should we prepare before installation of fiber laser cutting machine

  1. Room should be clean, no dust;
  2. .Alcohol,Pure water.
    Purity is 99.99%,if we need change the lens of laser head,we need to use it.And in your future using,you also need it to clean the lens.
    Water chiller need pure water,not the normal water. If the quality of pure water is not particularly good, it is recommended to change the water once every 2 weeks.                                                 Good quality water, once a month for water.
  3. The suitable industrial voltage,you should have it already.
    Standard voltage of laser machine in China : 380v or 3 phase, 50 Hz
  4. Get the lubricating oil.
    You know we have the lubricating oil system, to make sure the guide rail,rack and pinion ,etc.

    If possible,prepare some tools,like Wrench, pliers, electric drill,need install the machine.