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What is the Advantages of IPG laser source?


What is the Advantages of IPG laser source? IPG laser sources have some big advantages over other laser sources. The following are the advantages of IPG laser sources.

Firstly, IPG is a pure import laser source. It is made in Germany, Russia and the United States, but generally shipped randomly.

Secondly, it has a high photoelectric conversion rate and increased production capacity, up to 45%, while Raycus or Maxphotonics brands are only around 25%. This leads to lower production costs and, in the long run, higher profits for customers.

And because it’s a German brand, quality is guaranteed. Laser power attenuation is slow. Using the machine for longer can create greater value for the user.

The high market share of IPG reflects brand strength and quality to some extent. Many large foreign enterprises, such as Bystronic, LVD and so on are using IPG laser.

There is also its low failure rate, only 3% of the failure rate, such a low failure rate to ensure that your production is not affected.

IPG’s lasers can also see the output power in real time.

IPG has been established for a long time, with a very complete after-sales system and after-sales service points all over the world, so that problems can be solved in time.

IPG also has an official public account: IPG Fiber Laser
It can calculate IPG and other brands of electricity calculation, to help customers calculate the cost of use.

These are the advantages of IPG lasers over other brands of lasers.

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