Have you chosen the right fiber laser cutting machine?

Xintian Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machines have unique advantages over some traditional metal processing methods. Many enterprises engaged in this field choose fiber laser cutting machines, which can further increase safety by cutting plates, pipes, and curved materials. Our fiber laser cutting machines range from hundreds of thousands to millions, with many similarities in functionality. However, careful analysis of all aspects is necessary to achieve the best choice, How do we choose a fiber laser cutting machine? Next, Xintian Laser Cutting Machine will provide you with a brief analysis for reference only.

Analyzing from the perspective of acquisition cost

Just now, it was mentioned that fiber laser cutting machines are available from hundreds of thousands to millions, and even more expensive. What we can distinguish is the issue of cutting speed, accuracy, and price. The relationship between these is actually proportional. On the premise of meeting quality requirements, fiber laser cutting machines with higher cutting speed and accuracy will also have higher costs, which is due to the research and development cost and the technology used, Therefore, most high-end brands of fiber laser cutting machines have higher prices than general brands, but the more expensive the better. From a cost perspective, meeting our own needs is the best.

Analysis from the installation site

The components of the fiber laser cutting machine are composed of a host, power supply, chiller, cutting head, etc. When choosing, it will be found that many brands of fiber laser cutting machines also come with air compressors. The role of air compressors is clearly to prepare for the air cutting of the laser cutting machine.

The installation site of the fiber laser cutting unit needs to be well ventilated, and the surrounding area should be kept clean to avoid placing items that can produce corrosive gases and vapors such as acid and alkaline in the vicinity. If conditions permit, fire extinguishing devices should be equipped.

The fiber laser cutting machine must have a reliable protective grounding, and its levelness must be measured with a level ruler during installation to fix the equipment on a horizontal foundation.

Analyze from the perspective of consumables

We all know that the most crucial part of fiber laser cutting machines is the laser, and good laser cutting equipment provides high efficiency guarantee for the production and processing of enterprises. But having a good laser cutting equipment requires more suitable accessories and consumables. After all, the allocation and selection of consumables directly affect the operational efficiency, processing efficiency, and service life of the equipment. It should be noted that improper selection of accessories and poor quality will affect all aspects of equipment operation. Therefore, it is more important to strictly control the selection of equipment accessories and consumables. Choose good original and genuine products to avoid equipment damage, operation, and poor processing effects caused by poor accessory quality. Give yourself a better production attitude and experience.


If you are engaged in cutting medium and thin plates, you can choose a medium to low power fiber laser cutting machine, which is affordable and useful. If it exceeds the cutting range, you can choose a high-power laser cutting machine, which has higher accuracy and faster efficiency.

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