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How to use a fiber Laser Marking Machine

How to use a fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Many clients, especially for the first time to use the machine, will have this question.Today we will introduce how to use it.

To know the answer one must know how the fiber laser and the marking system works.

If you know about the laser marking then you probably know that the three most important settings that can be changed to affect how a part is marked are:

Firstly. Speed

The speed is defined by how fast the laser beam can travel to the material.

Speeds of 30 to 35 inches per second could prove to be fine for removing the anodizing on aluminum.

But the deep engraving into the metals will be better accomplished at a speed of 5 inches per second, making numerous passes on the part.


The laser can only put out the amount of power as it is designed for.

Excess power out of the laser will allow either more material removal or allow the part to be marked at higher galvo speeds.

A 20 watts laser can only put out 20 watts.

The appropriate amount of power can be assumed according to the to the material being marked and also the desired result.

Thridly, Pulse Frequency
Unless you have a CW laser, the laser puts out pulses of light instead of a continuous beam of light.

Each of these pulses has a very short duration and the pulse time is measured in a nanosecond.

There is a trade-off between the energy per pulse and the number of overlapping pulses.

There are other factors that can impact the quality of the mark such as fill density and spot size.

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