How to use fiber laser cutting machine safely:Charry

How to use fiber laser cutting machine safely

How to use fiber laser cutting machine safely.

Firstly. Develop and comply with equipment operating procedures.

1) Develop and strictly follow the operating procedures of the equipment.
2) Check the safety of the system before starting the machine, especially the switch of the shutter.
3) Maintain the machine in time.

Secondly.the site must be with fire extinguishing equipment.

The fire-fighting device and other fire-fighting implementations should be next to the laser cutting machine. The operator should understand the layout and master the usage.

Thirdly.the location of the laser cutting machine as a dangerous area management.

The area where the equipment is located shall be designated as a danger zone, and the area shall be enclosed by a telescopic belt to ensure that the laser leaking outside the danger zone is below the reachable emission limit.
Warning signs should be placed at the entrances and exits of the danger zone, including:
· Invisible laser radiation
· Four types of laser products
· Laser cutting machine power
· Prohibit outsiders from entering
· Pay attention to protect your eyes
When the laser cutting machine is working, it is strictly for anyone to approach the danger zone. fatigue, drink operation

The use of laser processing equipment such as laser cutting machines is a big risk, and if it is negligent, it is likely to cause injury. Therefore, it is strictly to operate the laser cutting machine after fatigue and drinking.

Fifthly. Do not directly view of the laser beam.

The wavelength of the laser beam of a fiber laser is not easy to see,but long time watching will damage the eyes.

Finally. It is forbidden to open the hood of the laser during the operation.

It is strictly forbidden to open the laser hood during the operation of the laser.

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