Types of fiber laser marking machine-Ariel

Types of fiber laser marking machine

This article is about types of fiber laser marking machine.

Many clients always has the same questions:you have many types of fiber laser marking machine.How do I choose the right type for me.Today we will introduce the difference between these types.

1.Mini type fiber laser marking machine

silver ring laser marking machine

This is our most popular model now.Because it is mini so it can save more shipping cost and space.If you only have a small place to put it, this type will be a better choice. And it is more suitable for air and express delivery.

2.Desktop type fiber laser marking machine 

laser marking machine

This type is popular for some clients who have factories. Because there are  four wheels under the machine. So it can move easily in the factory.And you can sit down the chair when you need to marking. Also you can open the cabinet with the key. So it is easy to maintain the machine( actually, it has no quick-ware parts of the machine,haha)

3.Mini enclosed fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

This type is very popular in European region,especially Germany. Because it has protective cover so it will be more safe when marking. The marking will stop when you open the door. And the switchboard can be pulled out like drawer. So it can maintain easily.

4. Enclosed type fiber laser marking machine

laser marking machine

This one is large than mini enclosed type.And we use electric door on this type.So you can control the door up and down with computer:) And the pillar is higher than mini type. So you can mark large objects with this type. Because it can use large F-theta lens,like 300*300mm.

5.Half enclosed desktop type fiber laser marking machine

60w fiber laser metal marking machine

If you want desktop type but also want it more safe, this type is a good choice for you.It retain all the advantages of this two types.

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