What are the tips to choose best fiber laser cutting machines-Sandra

 What are the tips to choose best fiber laser cutting machines?

In recent years, laser cutting machines have been used in many industries, such as machining, kitchen utensils, aerospace, advertising, etc. Laser cutting has already had a relatively large space in the cutting industry. But how to choose a laser cutting machine correctly. Here are a few things to consider:

1. The range of materials and business requirements that the Enterprise Processes

Firstly, consider clearly business scope, the thickness of cutting materials. You need to cut which materials, and other factors. You can customize the size of the work table.

2. Select a good reputation in the industry, brand larger enterprises

The laser cutting machine manufacturers strength, machine parameters and product quality, performance to understand. Laser cutting machine is a large line of equipment, when you buy it, you need to be careful, choose several manufacturers who have the strength and price concessions to communicate and proofing in the early stage, in the late stage we can go to the factory as a guest Negotiate the price of the machine, the training of the machine, the terms of payment, etc. .

3. The backbone of a laser cutter

Laser cutting machine some important parts, we also need to pay attention when buying. Such as laser generator, laser cutting head, servo motor, Guide Rail, water tank and so on, these parts directly affect the laser cutting machine cutting speed and accuracy.

4. Choose a brand with good after-sales Service

In short, the business to buy laser cutting machine, is a big investment, the need to invest in some of the capital may be a small number of start-up enterprises. However, a suitable for their own laser cutting machine, can bring high production efficiency, cost savings. Can bring benefits to the enterprise, then the early investment is worth it.