Laser Machine Characteristics and Applications -Vicky

Lasers are one of the essential components of modern laser processing systems. With development of laser processing technology, lasers are also moving forward, and many new types of lasers have emerged.

The lasers  machine in early laser processing are mainly high-power CO2 gas lasers machine and YAG lasers machine. The development trend mainly toward the development of laser power. However, when the laser power reaches a certain requirement, the beam quality of the laser is taken seriously. Development has shifted to improving beam quality. Semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers and disk lasers developed successively. Which has made rapid development in the fields of laser material processing, medical, aerospace and automobile manufacturing.

CO2 lasers, Nd:YAG lasers, semiconductor lasers, disk lasers, and fiber lasers are the most common five types of lasers on the market. What are their respective characteristics and applications?

CO2 laser machine 

Application: CO2 laser machine has a laser wavelength of 10.6um and has a low absorption coefficient for metals. It is generally suitable for the cutting of non-metallic materials and can use for the welding of metal materials. Widely used in welding applications in the fields of aviation, electronic instruments, machinery, and automobiles.

YAG laser machine 

Application: YAG laser machine has high absorption coefficient for metal, and can be used for metal cutting, welding, marking and other applications. Because of its high energy, high peak power, compact structure, robustness and reliable performance, it is widely used in industrial, national defense, medical, scientific research and other fields.

Semi laser 

Application: Semiconductor lasers limited by the uniformity of laser beam and their poor penetrability, so they are not suitable for metal cutting applications, but their spot characteristics are suitable for metal surface treatment, such as cladding, hardening, 3D printing, etc. Widely used in aerospace, medical, automotive and other fields.

Disc laser 

Application: Disc laser is a spatial optical path coupling structure, so the beam quality is very high. It can apply to laser material applications such as metal cutting, welding, marking, laser cladding, hardening and 3D printing. Widely used in automobile manufacturing. , aerospace, precision machinery, 3C electronics and other fields.

Fiber laser 

Application: Due to the high electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser, good metal absorption coefficient and high beam quality, it used for metal cutting, welding, marking, metal surface treatment and other applications. Widely used in aerospace, automotive, 3C electronics, medical and other fields.


The application of laser technology in industry is very extensive. In recent years, domestic lasers have developed rapidly, and their independent research and development capabilities have become more mature, which makes the product cost-effective more dominant. Therefore, it replaces the trend of imported lasers. But what kind of laser products we choose is more suitable, or Choose according to the performance and application of each laser.