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The running cost of fiber laser cutter

When fiber laser cutting machine working, there are somethings to consume. Now, let us tell the running cost of fiber laser cutter with you.

Electric power

Real machine running cost occupy 60%~70%. For 4 kw plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine, the rate power is about 44 kw*60%~70%. The real electric power cost is 26.4~38 kw/h.

Auxiliary gas

When cutting carbon steel, the machine will need Oxygen. When cutting aluminum, the Nitrogen need to consumed. One bottle of Oxygen is about $50.

The thicker carbon steel you cut, the less Oxygen pressure you need, because if use higher Oxygen pressure for thicker sheet, it will be burned. For aluminum, the thicker metal sheet, the higher Nitrogen pressure it needs. For example, if cut 1 mm aluminum, use 10 kg Nitrogen. If cut 4 mm aluminum, need 20 kg Nitrogen.

Quick wearing parts

The quick wearing parts mainly including nozzle and protective lens. Usually consumes 20~30 pieces in the first year, but the consume will be reduced later. The consume rate have big relationship with worker’s operation. Protective lens $15/piece, so the cost of nozzle and protective lens is about 500 dollars at first year.

Compared with other cutting equipment, the running cost of fiber laser cutter should be lowest. More details, please contact us: 008615628795913

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