The Operating Costs for a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:Steven

The Fiber Laser Cutting Machines become more and more popular, with the development of our society. Many people interested in the costs of operating a fiber laser cutting machine. There three main costs of operating a fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. The cost of electric power.  The real machine running cost occupy 60%-70% of the machine rated power. For example, 1000W Raycus fiber laser source has the rated power of 1600w/h. Therefor the real electric power cost is 1600w/h*60%-70%=1020~1190w/h.  The fiber laser source of IPG will be more effective than Raycus.
  2. The cost of Gas. The other main costs is gas. In China one gas bottle can carry 40L of gas. To cut stainless steel will cost a bottle of nitrogen by 20-30 minutes. But carbon steel is different with stainless steel, because the cost of oxygen to cut carbon steel also depends on the thickness of the carbon steel. The thick of carbon steel, the less cost of oxygen. Normally, to cut 1mm carbon steel will cost one bottle of oxygen per 40 minutes. (1mm Carbon steel 40L/40minutes, 2mm Carbon steel 40L/50minutes, 3mm Carbon steel 40L/60minutes, 4mm Carbon steel 40L/70minutes, 5mm Carbon steel 40L/80minutes, 6mm Carbon steel 40L/90minutes)
  3. The last point will the vulnerable parts of the fiber laser cutting machine. The vulnerable parts of the fiber laser cutting machine including Nozzle, Protection mirror, Focus lens, Ceramic rings and Protective lens. Only nozzle and protective lens need to  replace regularly. Normally, need to prepare 20-30 pieces nozzle and protective lens per year. Protection mirror, ceramic rings and focus lens just need prepare one piece will be enough.