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The difference between fiber laser marker and laser inkjet printer

Firstly, laser printer

The difference between fiber laser marker and laser inkjet printer,  laser printer is controlling by software, non-contact product identification device.

Then, the laser printer is a marking device that can use with various product packaging production lines.

The marked product moves on the production line without pause. Laser continuous inkjet printer (marking machine), long-term operation-free, maintenance-free, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products.

Fiber laser marking sample drawing

Then, the device can use a variety of lasers (carbon dioxide lasers or continuous wave lasers) to mark various online mobile products or materials (such as paper, plastic, glass, leather, wood or metal materials) instead of date on various products.

Lattice marks for lot numbers, time, and text, eliminating the need for ink, contamination, and operating costs.

Then, in this paper, the consumables used in the printer are classified: the inkjet printer; the non-jet printer (laser jet printer); the online inkjet printer.

And, which is mainly use to support the water supply production line; the mobile printer that cannot move by an object. G inkjet printer, mobile inkjet printer, similar to the handheld printer on the market.

Fiber laser marking

Secondly, fiber laser marking

Then, laser marking machine can be divided into: carbon dioxide laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine.

At present, the fiber laser marking machine has an advanced laser marking system.

Then, the system features fast scanning speed, high repeatability and durability.

Then, it is different from the online moving parts of a laser printer. Fiber laser marking machines are mainly used for marking fixed materials such as paper, plastic, glass, leather, wood or metal, marking date and metal in vector form.

Batch number, time, text and various trademark designs.



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