The brie introduction of BCS 100 height controller

BCS100 independent capacitor height controller (hereinafter referred to as BCS100) adopts a closed-loop control method to control the excitation
The light cutting capacitor follower is a high-performance capacitor height adjustment device. Except for controllers similar to other products
In addition to the type, BCS100 also provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol) interface, which can cooperate with our company
The CypCut laser cutting software easily implements highly automatic tracking, segmented piercing, progressive piercing, edge finding
Cutting, leapfrog lifting, arbitrary setting of cutting head lifting height, flight optical path compensation and other functions. its response speed
The degree is also greatly improved. In terms of servo control, because BCS100 adopts the double closed-loop algorithm of speed and position, the operation
The performance such as speed and precision are obviously better than similar products at home and abroad.


nical specifications:➢ Sampling rate 1000 times per second.

➢ Static measurement accuracy is 0.001 mm.
➢ The dynamic response accuracy is 0.05mm.
➢ The height follow-up control range is 0-25 mm.
➢ The upper limit of the following speed depends on the upper limit of the servo motor speed and the lead of the screw. 10mm lead screw and 6000
RPM servo, the maximum follow speed can reach 1000mm/sec.
➢ When the length of the signal transmission cable reaches 100 meters, the signal is not attenuated, and the anti-interference ability is strong.
➢ Support network communication, U disk upgrade and network online upgrade.
➢ It can be adapted to any cutting head and nozzle, and the capacitance parameters are adaptive.
➢ Support touch board alarm, follow beyond edge alarm.
➢ Support edge detection and automatic edge finding.
➢ One-key calibration process, the operation is fast, simple and convenient.
➢ Support leapfrog lift, segmented perforation, and the lift height can be set arbitrarily.
➢ Support oscilloscope function, which can detect capacitance and height changes in real time.
➢ Support jitter suppression function, which can effectively suppress jitter caused by air blowing and scum.