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The automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter

Recently,we received many emails form our clients about the functions of fiber laser cutting machine.Today we will introduce the automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter.

With the gradual maturity of laser technology, laser cutting machines have been continuously updated in recent years. Also improve the cutting efficiency, cutting quality and cutting functions. And in face the laser cutter has transformed from a single cutting function to a multifunctional device. And it has begun to meet more needs. It has expanded from a single industry application to a variety of industries at the same time. And the application scenarios are still increasing.  Automatic edge finding is one of many new functions. That’s why, I will briefly talk about the automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter today.

Firstly,What is the automatic edge finding of the laser cutting machine

Under the cooperative work of the camera positioning vision system and computer software. The laser cutter can automatically track and compensate the metal plate under the premise of controlling the cutting accuracy.Because in the past, if we place the plates on the bed skewed. It may affect the cutting quality and cause obvious plate waste. So once using the automatic edge patrol, the cutting head of the laser cutting machine can perceive the inclination angle and origin of the sheet. And adjust the cutting process to fit the angle and position of the sheet. Then avoid the waste of raw materials, and ensure the cutting accuracy and quality.

it is mainly set in X and Y positioning. It can cut according to the size of the product and the pattern. The sensor will automatically recognize it after startup. And the CCD has recognition and more functions. So it can effectively save manual operation time. That is why many users choose this function.

Secondly, Advantages and benefits of laser cutting machine automatic edge finding

It embodies the advantages of fast cutting and high precision of the fiber laser cutting machine. After the laser cutting machine starts the automatic edge finding function. The cutting head can start from a specified point. And calculate the inclination angle of the plate through the positions of two vertical points on the plate. So as to adjust the cutting process and complete the cutting task. Among the processed materials, the weight of the plate can reach hundreds of kilograms. Which is very inconvenient to move. The automatic edge finding function of the laser cutting machine can directly process the skewed plate. And reducing the manual adjustment process.

With the continuous upgrading of science and technology. Laser technology has promoted the transformation of laser cutting machines from a single function to a multi-functional device. Also from a single industry application to a variety of industries. And the scope continues to expand.  So the cutting efficiency and the quality quickly meets the needs of many users.

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