Take one minute to learn laser source brand

Take one minute to learn several laser soure brands

As we all know,laser source is one of the important parts of the laser machine.Today let’s Take one minute to learn several laser source brands.

There are several laser source brand popular in the market:Raycus,IPG,nLIGHT,Trumpf

-About Raycus laser source

For cost efficiency, choose raycus.

Raycus is the best brand in China.It is the third company in the world to develop fiber lasers and mass-produce and sell them.

After the US IPG company and the British SPO company.

In addition,The same effect with IPG below 1500w.

-About IPG laser source

For famous and stable quality, select IPG.

It has highest optical electricity exchange rate, around 40%-45%.

It will save a lot of electricity cost per year.

That is suitable for massive production every month. Expensive than Raycus.

-About nLIGHT laser source

nLIGHT price level is similar to IPG.A little cheaper than IPG.More expensive than Raycus.

It is US brand and designed for cutting high reflection materials, such as alu, copper, brass, silver etc.

-About Trumpf laser source

Germany brand like IPG.International famous brand in the market.

IPG is the main use below 2000w.Honestly.

IPG will be used most than Trumpf in the markt.

How to choose your fiber laser cutting machine?

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