Fiber Laser cutting machine focus mirror-Jill

Fiber Laser cutting machine focus mirror

Principle of cutting machine focus mirror

Firstly,the principle.Using a convex lens. Cutting machine focus mirror focus a parallel laser beam into a focus.And then put this focus on the metal.And then this focus can melt the metal and cut it.This is the principle of focus mirror.This principle is like the magnifying glass.We use the magnifying glass against sun to shine and light paper.However,the energy of the laser is much higher than that of the sunlight!

 cutting machine focus mirror pictures

Secondly,for the laser cutting machine focus mirror,usually one flat side and one convex side.Besides,the convex side is facing up!As follows picture:

fiber laser cutting machine focus mirror

fiber laser cutting machine focus mirror

Position of the focus point

Thirdly,the laser focus mirror is a professional lens system. The purpose is that we make the laser beam form a uniform focus spot in the entire plane.It is one of the most important accessories for the laser cutting head. In the absence of deformation,the position of the focus point depends only on the focal length of the lens and the tangent of the deflection angle. Thus simplifying the calculation of the focus position.

 Quick wear parts

Main quick wear parts include nozzle and protective lens.
1st year their consumption is about 20~30 pieces per year, but the cost will be decline later.
As their consumption have big relationship with workers operation.

Other parts

Focus mirror, ceramic rings and collimating mirror cost is not common quick wear part.
You just need arrange 1 set for spare.

In the end,XT Laser is not only a professional laser cutting manufacturer, but also offer good quality consumable such as focusing mirror, ceramic sheet, laser nozzle, etc., to old customers.
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The main components of fiber laser cutting machine–Anne

The main components of fiber laser cutting machine

In metal processing, fiber laser cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional technology and become a sharp tool in metal processing industry with its advantages of high efficiency and high quality.they are all the fiber laser cutting machine, the processing efficiency and effect will be very different because of different equipment inside. These are the 5 core accessories must be considered when select fiber laser cutting machine.

1.Fiber laser source
Fiber laser source is the most important core part of the machine, just like engine of automobile, usually it is also the most expensive part of the fiber laser cutting machine. At present, most imported fiber laser brand is German IPG and so on. With the development of technology, domestic laser brands such as Raycus has been gradually recognized by the market with high performance-price ratio.

laser cutting machine

2.Laser cutting head
Laser cutting head is the laser output device of fiber laser cutting machine. It consists of nozzle, focus lens and focusing tracking system. Laser head of the laser cutting machine will move according to the set cutting path, but different materials need to adjust and control the laser cutting head height , different thickness and different cutting methods. The most well known laser head brand is Raytools, XT LASER automatic focus cutting head, when cutting metal plates of different thickness, it can automatically focus without manual operation, which can improve working efficiency.

3.Control system

Control system is the dominant operating system of the fiber laser cutting machine. The main application is control the machine work bed, the movement of the XY Z axis and the output power of the laser.The performance stability of fiber laser cutting machine depend on its quality.Precise control of software can effect the precision and

The motor of laser cutting machine is the core part of the motion system. The performance of the motors directly affect the production efficiency.

The commonly used motors include stepper motor and servo motor, fiber laser cutting machine mainly uses servo motor, as its fast speed, stable performance, processed product edge smooth, and can make cutting speed fast.

5.Machine work bed
The stability of the fiber laser cutting machine is very important. The high precision and high stability of the machine tool is helpful to improve the accuracy of laser cutting. The mainstream machine tools are usually gantry type, cantilever type, cross beam type. Different machine tools have different functions.

For example, large manufacturers usually us beam type machine tools for material cutting , specific fields also use thier models , such as three-dimensional optical fiber laser cutting. Mainly used in automobile industry etc..

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Application industry of laser cutting machine-Anne

Application industry of laser cutting machine

XT LASER has been committed to the development of laser equipment, to provide users with laser cutting solutions high-tech enterprises. The company mainly focuses on laser cutting machine and other high-power laser equipment R & D production and sales. At present, the main products are: fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine and laser welding machine. It’s functional design and friendly user experience have reached a fairly high level.

So what industries are laser cutting machine mainly used in? Let us gives you a brief introduction:

 So 1.Automobile industry: Tire mould, lamp mould and decoration mould processing.

   so 2.Model making industry: Making metal models.

3.Make employees’ chest card, door card, sign card and so on.

     so 4.Machining: Cut metal mechanical parts.

5.Electric cabinet series: Drying box, non-standard oven, communication cabinet, distribution cabinet, switch gear, control box, electrical equipment, etc.

     so 6.Mechanical shell series: packaging, printing, ceramics, injection molding, elevator, mechanical and electrical machinery sheet metal structural parts.

      so 7.Public utility series: laboratory, testing machine, environmental protection box, equipment cabinet, test stand, etc.

8.Advertising light box series: Bus waiting booth LED electronic display, aluminum ceiling, curtain wall, stainless steel decoration engineering, etc.

  so 9.Hardware: metal cutting.

10.Electronic industry: Cutting of metal electronic push disk, etc.

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How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Correctly-Anne

How to Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The cutting quality of fiber laser cutter machine is a matter of concern to the customer, and is also a skill training that the machine operator need to continuously improve. But the most important is that if you want to cut a satisfactory sample, you need to use the laser cutting machine for steel scientifically.

The following three points will show us how to judge the quality of cutting and learn how to make a high quality metal cutting with fiber laser metal cutter:

Smooth cutting edge without brittle rupture and cutting pattern or with only little pattern.

When the optical fiber laser cutting machine cuts, the cutting marks will be displayed after the laser beam deviates, so the formation of the cutting pattern can be eliminated by reducing the rate slightly at the end of the cutting process.

Cutting slit width.

This factor is related to the thickness of the cutting plate and the size of cutting nozzle. In general, when the cutting plate is narrow, the nozzle should be small, because the amount of jet required is relatively small. Similarly, if the plate is thick, it needs more jet, so the nozzle is also large. The cutting seam will also be widened accordingly. Therefore, to find the appropriate type of nozzle, can help customers cut out a good product.

With a good verticality, small cutting head effected area.

It’s import factor of verticality, when the laser beam is far away from the focus, the laser beam will diverge. According to the focus position, the cutting becomes wider toward the top or bottom, and the more perpendicular the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

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Why is Fiber laser cutting machine better than CO2 and YAG?-Anne

Why is Fiber laser cutting machine better than CO2 and YAG?

The reason why the fiber laser cutting machine can quickly occupy the market and gradually replace the traditional cutting process, is that it has many obvious strengths.

So why is it better? Let’s make a comparison among fiber, CO2 and YAG laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine VS CO2 laser cutting machine


On one hand, CO2 laser cutting machine has a wide range of cutting,which can cut thick metal sheet and high reflective material like aluminum plate.

For non-metallic materials like acrylic, wooden materials, PVC materials etc, the cutting thickness could be up to 60 mm. Because of the continuous laser, cutting surface is smooth and of high quality.

On the other hand, the cutting seam of CO2 laser cutting machine is thin, but the speed of cutting thick sheet is very slow.

What’s more, for thin sheet processing, fiber laser of equal power with smooth cutting section cuts 2-3 times faster than CO2 laser. The beam of CO2 laser is divergent and not suitable for large machining


The maintenance cost of CO2 laser cutting machine is very high, not only front lens and back lens are expensive,but also the working life of turbine bearings is shorter than one year and ¥80000/pair for new.

At the same time CO2 laser cutting machine would consume gas during processing, and the photoelectric conversion rate is only 8% to 10% .

But fiber laser cutting machine almost consumes no material during processing and photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%, which is more economic.

CO2 laser cutting machine laser has complex structure, inconvenient maintenance and high operation requirements,

but the optical fiber laser cutting machine has simpler maintenance, and high tolerance of dust, shocks , temperature and humidity in poor work environment.

  fiber laser cutting machine VS YAG laser cutting machine

The cost of YAG laser cutting machine is low, can cut high reflective material like aluminum, copper and nonferrous metal materials that fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut.

But most YAG laser cutting machine are of low power, can only cutting thin sheet materials which are under 8mm, and much slower than fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser technology can achieve very high power in a very small package, covering a small area, saving space.
YAG laser has been developed for decades with mature technology, thus the price of which is cheap. But with the popularity of fiber laser, this advantage is becoming weaker and weaker. What’s more, the power consumption of YAG laser is higher

There is no optical lens in the resonant cavity of fiber laser, taking the advantages of high stability and avoiding the adjustment and maintenance. So the replacement of device maintenance is much simpler than the traditional YAG laser.

In summary,we made a conclusion that, the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are more obvious .

But in fact the three types of laser cutting machine have their own characteristics,

we should make a reasonable choice according to our own demand and budget in the practical application.

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Laser cutting machine for which materials-Anne

Fiber Laser cutting machine for which materials

Fiber Laser cutting machine quality, technology unique. Today we talk about those materials suitable for use in a laser cutting machine.
1, carbon steel-fiber laser cutting machine

so Laser cutting machine can cut the maximum thickness of 12mm steel plate, the use of advanced laser technology, good beam quality, slotted small, smooth cutting surface. Cutting carbon steel plate 6mm or less just blowing air, without the need for oxygen-blown. Users significant savings of oxygen

2, stainless steel cutting-fiber laser cutting machine

so Our company has developed a laser cutting machine can cut a maximum thickness of less than 6mm stainless steel. Cutting sheet metal cut a small slit accuracy of about 0.1 to 0.2, the surface without burr, the advertising industry has been widely used word.

3, alloy steel plate

so XT LASER can laser cutting machine can cut most of steel, good edge

4, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals

so XT LASER laser cutting machine performance non-ferrous metals aluminum, copper and achieved a major breakthrough, aluminum laser cutting machine developed. Cutting aluminum, copper greatly increased speed compared with before cutting aluminum increased by 4 times, cutting copper increased by 5 times, cutting thickness also increased significantly, aluminum cutting maximum thickness of 6mm, the cutting surface is shiny and

5, other metal materials cutting-fiber laser cutting machine

so Laser cutting machine is suitable for a variety of non-contact cutting sheet metal, hollowing and drilling process. With high precision, high speed, etc., become the direction of sheet metal processing technology

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The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine-Anne

The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine

1, high precision cutting:

So laser cutting machine positioning accuracy of 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm.

2, laser cutting machine narrow kerf:

So focusing a laser beam into a small spot, the focal point to achieve high power density, the material quickly heated to vaporization degree was evaporated to form holes.

With the beam and the material is relatively linear, so that the holes are continuously formed through a narrow slit, incision width is generally 0.10-0.20mm.

3, laser cutting machine smooth cutting surface:

So without  burr cutting surface, cut surface roughness of the general control within Ra6.5.

4, laser cutting machine speed:

So cutting speeds up to 10m / min Maximum positioning speed up to 30m / min is much faster than the speed of the cutting line.

5, good quality laser cutting machine:

So sag non-contact cutting, trimming heat has little effect, basically no workpiece thermal deformation, completely avoid material formed when punching, slit generally does not require secondary processing.

6, do not damage the workpiece:

So laser cutting head is not in contact with the surface of the material to ensure not scratch the workpiece.

7,  shape of the workpiece doesn’t effect it

So laser processing flexible, and can process any graphics, can cut pipes and other profiles.

8, laser cutting machine can cut a variety of materials processing:

So such as plastic, wood, PVC leather, textiles, glass and the like.

9, saving investment mold:

So laser processing without mold, no mold consumption, not repair of mold, mold replacement saving time, saving processing costs, reduce production costs, especially for machining large products.

10, saving material:

So can cut in different shapes with computer programming,, to maximize material utilization.

11, increase the speed of the sample factory:

So after the formation of product drawings, can carry our laser processing immediately, get kind of new products in the shortest possible time.

12, safety and environmental protection:

So laser processing waste, low noise, clean, safe, pollution-free, greatly improve the working environment.


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How To Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Anne

How To Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

1.You need to determine material processing , the sheet metal material  put on the processing machine ,

and then determine the stability of the material is placed in order to avoid occurrence of the chattering in the cutting process , leading to the cutting accuracy is insufficient.-fiber laser cutting machine

2.Operations Console , enter the product cutting pattern and cutting parameters such as material thickness , then adjust the cutting head to the proper focus position , and then reflect on and adjust the nozzle center

  3. Start-up regulator and chillers, set the chiller water temperature and pressure

  More than four points , although very brief , but in the actual operation , but spend a lot of time to practice , to become familiar with the details of each operation .

In operation inevitably fiber laser cutting machine , there will be some failures and problems , but also give us the following summary of share

  ①Boot without any reflection:

  burn out power fuse is  : replace the fuse .Power input is normal : check the power input and make it normal .

  Whether the main power switch is damaged : Replace the main power switch.

  ②No laser or laser output is weak:

  Whether the light path Offset: carefully adjust the optical

  if the device focusing Focus Change: Re- adjust the focus.

  Whether the laser tube is wrong : replace the laser tube .so

  Laser power supply is powere on : Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal .

  Laser power wrong: Replace the laser power .

  ③Processing dimension margin of error or operation error:so

  The signal line is working : Replace the signal line .

  Power supply is unstable or interfering signals : the installation of regulators or eliminate the interference signal .

  Correct set processing parameters  (  eg layout, etc. ) : re- set the corresponding parameters .so

  Processing programming properly : Check the programmed machining program , modify it until norm



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How To Use And Maintenance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine -Anne

     How To Use And Maintenance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine -Anne

As we know fiber laser cutting machine is popular in the market ,and many customer want to know how to use and maintenance fiber laser cutting machine ,

So now we ,XT LASER,will share with you some skills about it -Fiber laser cutting machine

1) Always check strip, must ensure taut. Otherwise, the running of the problem, there might hurt people,

serious but also result in death.Strip seemingly small things, a problem or a little serious.

2) every six months to check the verticality of the track and the straightness of the machine and found that abnormal timely maintenance of debugging.

Do not do this, it is possible to cut out the effect is not how good, the error will increase, affecting the cutting quality. This is the most important.

3) weekly siphoning off the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner inside the machine, all electrical cabinet should be tightly closed and dust.

4) guide rails should always clean up and remove dust and other debris, to ensure the normal rack regular cleaning, add oil to ensure lubrication without debris.

Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, there is also the motor on regular cleaning and lubricating the machine on the go will be able to walk better,

more accurate cutting, cutting out the product quality will improve

Thank you for your reading ,hope these skills can help you.

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Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting-Anne

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting

Maximum cutting speed of sheet metal cutting
Firstly, Fiber lasers deliver maximum cutting speeds with high accuracy and repeat ability boosting productivity to maximum levels. The fiber laser offers significantly faster processing speeds thanks to astonishing acceleration rates of linear drives and higher power resonators. These are significant advantages for thinner sheet metal cutting as production rates can double or even triple while operating costs decrease by up to 50%.

Secondly, Easily cuts a variety of materials and thicknesses in sheet metal cutting

Thirdly, Fiber lasers produce incredible cutting speeds on thin materials and can easily cut thicker materials. They can cut stainless and mild steel up to 25 mm and aluminum up to 20 mm with a 6KW resonator. Fiber lasers also have the ability to process reflective metals such as brass and copper making them an ideal and flexible tool for job shops.

Fiber lasers for reduced utility costs in sheet metal cutting

With their high optical efficiency and more effective use of electrical power fiber lasers reduce power consumption. The longer life of diode-based resonators and extended time between maintenance sessions deliver added value for sheet metal fabricators everywhere.