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Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

Fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut metal materials. But in actual production, many coated metal materials need special treatment to maintain their integrity. Otherwise, scratches will easily occur during multiple transportation projects. It requires high processing parts.  Therefore, many metal materials are with coating.

The metal coating can ensure that there is as little friction damage as possible during the transportation process, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. Therefore, sales of these products are very important to their appearance, and scratches are not Yes. Can the laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut the coated metal. Next, we can take a detailed look at the operation process of the fiber laser cutting machine to cut the coated metal.

The laser cutting machine cuts the film-coated metal sheet. First, the side of the film is up, and cut the film first. After cutting the film, it will cut the metal sheet. This two-pass processing can be effective Guarantee the quality of materials. However, choosing laser source needs to consider the type and thickness of sheet.

So, why don’t we put the layer of the film facing down to avoid the damage of the work platform to the material and complete the cutting at one time?

If the side of the film is facing down, the residue when cutting will adhere to the top of the film due to heat. It will affect the finished product. Quality has a great influence. Therefore, it is recommended to cut the film before cutting the metal sheet.

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Many of our clients, who contacts with fiber-laser-marking-machine, will consider about the problem of adjusting the focus point.

In fiber-laser-metal-marking process, the traditional way to adjust the focus point, is to use the handheld wheel. Currently, in order to make more convenient for the operation of metal marker, the outside red indicator is the good helper for metal-engraving-machine.

As you may know that in the metal-printing-machine, there is one inside red indicator inside of the whole metal printer, now one outside red indicator is installed on the mini & desktop fiber laser marker. During the metal engraving process, when these two red points meet together into one point, so here is the strongest laser light, so here is the focus point.

You can see the following pictures directly:

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