Industries Using Laser Marking-Doris

Industries Laser Marking

Laser marking and laser engraving technology are use to great effect by a number of industries:

industries laser marking

industries laser marking

laser marking medical devices

Medical Tools and Equipment: Medical tools and equipment benefit from precise and

durable laser markings. Laser marks are impervious to the constant temperature changes

brought on by sterilization and other tasks that involve sudden applications of heat.

Medical Implants:

Laser marking systems are able to handle laser marking the most complicated shapes and

surfaces of medical implants, allowing data matrix codes, part numbers and other human

readable codes and information to be print on the implant. In most cases, the laser marking

system produces very little heat.

Aerospace Materials:

Laser marking technology can be use on exotic materials that do not take well to

other engraving methods. Laser marking systems can maintain the integrity of the

material being mark producing high-quality text, logos and machine-readable codes.

Automotive Components:

Laser marking is ideal for producing images, text and codes onto automotive

components as they pass through various points of the production and assembly process.


Jewelry laser engraving systems provide a way to engrave a variety of materials without

subjecting them to contact with acid or bit heads.

Laser engraving machines have shrunk in size thanks to continuing improvements.

Laser engraving machines are small enough to fit on a desk and provide a fast method

of producing text and images with the clarity other engraving methods lack.


Laser marking technology is ideal for precise marking tasks on small electronic components,

including circuit boards, microchips and resistors. Adjustable focal lengths allow laser

marking systems to engrave materials that have proven too small for other engraving methods.


Thanks to their quick speed, laser marking systems are ideal for marking a wide variety of materials

on assembly lines. Laser marking systems stationed at any point of the assembly

process can apply expiration codes, lot numbers and other unique identifiers on plastics, glass,

ceramics and other materials.

The advantages of laser marking over other methods of marking and engraving are simply too big to ignore.

Laser marking systems require little maintenance and lack the need for consumables, making them

cost-effective throughout their lifespan. Laser marking systems offer greater flexibility in operation

and design creation,

low operating costs and the ability to produce high-quality results that for long periods.

These are very good reasons for you to include laser marking systems in your arsenal of tools.


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Direct Part Marking for Your Machine Shop-Doris

Direct Part Marking for Your Machine Shop

A recent phone survey conducted by XT LASER Technologies indicated that 67% of small-to-medium sized precision metal turning or plastic forming operations, continue to rely on outside contract job shops to provide laser identification on their parts.

Are you aware that:

    • Laser marking can generate $120 to $150 per hour of additional revenue for your business?
    • The average part number or logo takes only seconds to setup and laser mark?
    • Laser marking identification is a requirement for most medical device manufacturers?
    • Laser marking identification can easily exceed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms requirements for tractability?

Direct Laser Part Marking

Permanent, attractive direct part marking of logos and part numbers are no longer a luxury and in fact, it is a requirement in most industries. If you are not providing part marking for tractability to your customers, you could be just giving away revenue or losing out on the opportunity to others that do.

You are looking to reach into new markets, trying to maintain existing business or would like to add a competitive advantage, selecting the right laser marking equipment with the best capabilities is critical. A fiber laser marking system from XT LASER can give you the advantage you need to compete in today’s high value markets!

direct part marking

direct part marking

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Here are just a few examples of what a XT LASER marking system can do for you:

Adherence to FDA guidelines for marking medical devices. Permanently laser mark titanium medical implants with highly contrasting black colored logos, part & serial numbers and machine readable 2-D Matrix codes.
Meet and exceed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms requirements. Precisely laser mark part and serial

numbers onto firearms and small arms components to the depth and

size required for permanent identification.
Produce eye-catching graphics into clear anodized aluminum parts for the high end

aftermarket automotive industry. You will be able to create dark,

attractive marks into this material will actually add beauty, not detract, to the overall aesthetics of the product.
Lasers are a non-contact engraving method (no tools to wear or break) so from the first serial number to the last,

the character definition and depth  flawless regardless of material hardness.

Laser marking systems are reliable and rugged, simple to program and cost less than one dollar per hour to operate.

For 60 years, LaserStar Technologies Corporation has provided our clients with the best of American designed

and manufactured technologies to increase productivity and profitability.

We understand that you have a choice in today’s global market and we take

our relationship with our extended family of clients as an obligation and privilege.

We will be here to serve you, you are ready to discuss how you might discover the

untapped revenue stream from laser processing.

To see what the fiber laser marking system from XTLASER can do for your business; contact us :


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In recent times, there has been an enormous shift in the marketing models of all companies. This has majorly facilitate by the technological advancement that we are witnessing. Most companies are now extensively using social media for advertising but to get an edge over competition, businesses are leaning towards customization as an advertising tool. In fact, many start-ups are solely providing this service of customizing key products. One object which is used by almost everyone daily even if just to write a to do list for the day is a Pen. So, it is a no brainier that Pen is one of the most appropriate products to be engraved for a company’s promotion. More and more companies now hand over such products with company’s name and logo on it. This is one product which will be used the most and will cost the least.

pens engraving

pens engraving

Buy High Quality Pen Engraving Machine at Low Prices in China

Laser engraving a pen uses digital computer technology to study the intricate design and direct that with laser beam to the pen making a permanent mark on it. It is claim to  a quick and simple method. Also, a laser can cut into both flat and curve surfaces so even if it is a curve pen the laser engraving works well. In fact, the design looks more compelling on curved pen.

From a company’s stand point the person using the pen will see the logo as many times as they pick it up to write. This increases the recall value for the company. On the other hand, the customer who receive the pen got a useful item free of cost and that too with a unique design on it. It is a win-win situation for both.

Let’s take two examples here for pens engraving.

A medical representative of a pharmaceutical company hands over laser engraved pen to the doctor. Doctor is going to use the pen whole day long to write prescriptions for patients. Let’s say the doctor hands over 10 prescriptions a day. Out of 10 times, at least 3 times the doctor will see the pharma company’s name as well as logo and chances are that he or she will prescribe the medicine of the same company to the patient. One pen here helped the company get a business of say $10. When extrapolated to match with the number of doctors the company reached out to, this makes up for a whopping amount.

This is not only just business to business function but works directly for the customer too.

When you stay at a hotel there is always a pen on the desk with hotel’s name and logo on it. You take than pen with you after you leave. Now every time you use that it will remind you of your stay at that hotel. If your stay was pleasant, chances are next time you plan a holiday you will opt for the same hotel group. Somebody who sees the pen in your hand might also get intrigue with a unique design on pen and enquirer about it. This way the hotel gains attention of not only existing customer but a prospective customer as well.

pens engraving

pens engraving

This is how a laser pens engraving helps businesses gain or retain customers.

In fact, it makes for a thoughtful personal gift too. Gifting your best friend, a pen with initials of both of your names on it is such an adorable gift idea.

There are plenty of such examples which in a way lead to the conclusion that a laser engraved pen is the best option for customization, either for business promotion or personal gifting.

If need more info about pens engraving, contact us freely!

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Solution for Jewelry Laser Engraving – Doris

Solution for Jewelry Laser Engraving




Many people are beginning to pick up jewelry laser engraving as a new hobby. Customizing jewelry that you create can make it a truly special gift for anyone. When it comes to customizing the jewelry that you create, the best option is to engrave it. You can engrave any name or message onto rings or pendants. Engraving can also be used on jewelry boxes.

A Basic Guide To Jewelry laser Engraving

Engraving is a simple, yet quick process, but it makes the jewelry priceless. There are different processes that jewelers can choose to engrave their pieces. Understanding engraving and its processes can help you figure out which option is the best for the pieces that you create. This basic guide will walk you through what engraving is, the different types of engraving, and the different types of materials that you can engrave.


What Exactly Is Jewelry Laser Engraving?

Engraving is the action of marring the surface of an object in order to create a design on the object. Unlike other types of marking, such as laser marking, when you engrave an object you can feel where the surface has been marred. Engraving is permanent and can highly detail and precise.

Engraving processes have become extremely advanced so that most jewelers can easily engrave very complicated, custom designs onto their jewelry. You have the ability to program any custom design that you want into a computer that will then control the engraver to create precise engravings according to the custom design. Because of the computer-controlled process, jewelers can feel confident that their engraving will look exactly the way that they want it to.

Different Kinds of Jewelry Laser Engraving

There are benefits to choosing either rotary engraving or laser engraving for your jewelry engraving. Once you understand more about the different types of engraving you can figure out the best type of engraving for the jewelry you would like to be customized.

Rotary Jewelry Laser Engraving

Rotary jewelry laser engraving uses a small bit to damage the surface of the object that will be engraved. Any hand engraving is do with a traditional rotary engraving tool, however, there are also mechanical rotary engraving tools where the design is program into the computer and then etch onto the surface according to the design that is program.

There are some drawbacks however to traditional rotary engraving. While rotary engraving can be very precise, the design of the engraving can only be as thin as the bit itself. Also, the bit itself needs to be replace when it gets ware out. It also tends to take a little longer to do traditional rotary engraving.

The largest drawback of traditional engraving is that it cannot be use on certain materials. Traditional rotary engraving cannot be use on delicate items that are sensitive to heat or pressure. You will not be able to engrave any jewelry that is made with plastic or glass, because those materials can easily be damage or broke with rotary engraving.

Laser Jewelry Engraving

jewelry laser engraving

jewelry laser engraving

Laser engraving uses a high-powered laser beam to etch the surface of the material that is being engrave. Similar to the mechanical rotary engraving machine, the design that you want is program into the computer and the machine will engrave the design that you want into the jewelry. However, you can be more precise with a laser engraver because the diameter of the laser can be as thin as you need it to be. Also, the intensity of the laser can determine how deep the engraving will be.

Unlike the traditional rotary engravers, you don’t need to worry about the materials that it can engrave. Laser jewelry engravers can be uses for materials that are extremely sensitive, such as paper. While paper is not a common material to

make jewelry with, it is good to know that no matter what materials you

want to engrave, they can  customiz with laser engraving.

Also, unlike rotary engraving, there are fewer accessories, such as drill bits,

that need to replace when they are wear out. So if you want to do your own engravings rather than hiring an engraving company,

consider a laser engraver as there  much less upkeep than a rotary engraver.

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What should we pay attention to cutting round hole of laser cutting machine-Anne

What should we pay attention to cutting round hole of laser cutting machine

More and more enterprises begin to use laser cutting hole, because the laser processing of flexibility and high efficiency .

500W fiber laser cutting machine idle speed of 90 meters per minute cam meet needs of high-speed cutting

in addition, the hole section of the laser processing is more smooth,

the hole diameter can also modify the infinite, meet the diverse needs of the factory.


However, with a laser cutting machine processing hole is not very simple, but need some skills.

Let the laser engineers give you analysis of the reasons and matters needing attention


Not suitable for air blowing of fiber laser cutting machine

The blowing process, when the pressure is too small will appear scraping the edge of slag, carbonization.

the pressure is too large and easy to burst holes.So this requires process proofing division and machine perfect fit, with experience to select the appropriate that the cutting hole is more full.

Circular hole is too small of fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine cutting hole is the best option hole ratio of 1:1, that is to say the proportion of pore size and thickness is 1:1.

of course,this ratio means that the bigger the aperture is, the easier it is to cut the high quality round hole.

Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting hole is easy to break out of the breakpoint and the circular hole is not round.


Servo motor parameter error of fiber laser cutting machine

Sometimes there will be a hole elliptic or irregular phenomenon,this is related to the mismatch of XY axis motion.

The direct cause of XY does not match the motion parameters of the servo motor is not appropriate adjustment.

Therefore, the quality of cutting round hole also has certain requirements for servo motor.

Precision error of guide rail and lead screw of fiber laser cutting machine

If the servo motor parameter error affects the cutting quality, then the precision error of the guide rail and lead screw will lead to the accuracy of the circular hole can not reach the expected.

So it is very important to choose high quality with Premium Brands .

Welcome to visit XT LASER.


fiber laser cutting machine ,fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel

fiber laser cutting machine for pipe

Fiber Laser Marking Machine – The Future of Product Labels–Doris

Laser Marking Machine – The Future of Product Labels

With the advent of modern technology all around us, it’s high time that we advance in small technical instruments, such as a small marking tool also, used to engrave words upon different types of objects. With this, we introduce the all new Laser Marking Machine, delivering on the edge performance, which has never been experienced before.

The main reason why these machines are becoming more and more popular is the accuracy with which they can emboss each and every minute detail in the design. It results in unparalleled performance. We are listing some of the amazing features of this product below:

1· Quality Marking

Laser Marking being the Non-Contact marking process, has the capability to give previsions up to 0.01mm and hence, outperforms any of available machines out there.

Laser Marking Machine

2· Anti Counterfeiting

Since it has the ability to mark each and every symbol accurately and codes uniquely, therefore, there’s no point that the codes of any two products may match. This help to prevent counterfeit and guarantees that no discrepancy arises with the product in later stages.

3· Versatility

It marks the material without making any physical contact with them which is a great advantage because it can work on various kind of surfaces and also on a wide range of materials like wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, etc.

4· Reliable Machinery

Laser Marking machine when bought from a company that manufactures it , can prove you more reliable as compared to any other sources who deal in it. With a one time investment it gives you the satisfaction of permanent marking, hassle free performance, freedom to switch between the designs and low production cost. With a little know how and experimenting, it can run for years with little-maintenance. It works on a very low power. It is controlled via a computer and hence no manual intervention is required, once the required data is fed into it. Cooling and Exhaust systems are also pre-installed, giving it extra privilege to work in exhaustive and robust environmental conditions too.

5· Auto-Generated Codes

It has the provision to generate unique barcodes, QR codes and other identification codes internally so that it does not have to depend upon any extra device to do the same.

6· Cost Efficient

As the entire process is automated, therefore only one or two users are required, just to feed the initial data into the machine. Rest is taken care of automatically. This reduces the manpower required to a great extent and hence is quite efficient in terms of cost. The initial installation cost may seem a bit high, but once you install it, it can run at almost negligible inputs.

7· Highly Productive

This is one machine which produces output with almost insignificant input. The most you need to run it is a small amount of power. That’s all.  It has got a great marking speed and can run for up to 10000hrs at a stretch.
We will continue for more Laser Marking Machine details.
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Firearms engraving with 50w fiber laser marking machine–Doris

Fiber laser marking machine, with laser wavelength of 1064nm, can do marking on all kinds metals and most plastic.

Fiber laser marking machine application materials

Many type of metals: Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, chrome Brass, etc.

Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized Aluminum

Some non-metallic materials & Special surface treatment: silicon wafer, Poly urethane, ceramics, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, PVC, PC, ABS, Coating film etc.



Fiber laser marking machine application industry

1.Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component

2.Mobile (Cover, battery, keyboard, IPhone Case)

3.Jewellery(Ring, pedeant, bracelet),eyeglass,clocks and craft

4.Building materials,PVC pipe

5.Car motor car spare part, Insturment and meters and cutting tool

6.Firearms, guns 

Now so many customers from USA, Lebanon, Canada, Australia etc. come to us for 50w fiber laser marking machine, do deep engraving on their firearms.

Engraving guns with fiber laser marking machine is so popular in market.

Guns deep engraving samples with fiber laser marking machine

Why 50w fiber laser marking machine so popular in firearms engraving field?
Fiber laser marking machine, with 50w laser source, which can be China Raycus and Germany IPG, can do deep engraving on metals, like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum sheet, brass/copper,  gold and silver.
With EZCAD software, set laser power about 95%, marking speed to 200 or 300, as below:
fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

For one pass marking can reach about 0.01mm thickness.
And mostly, customers only need about 0.3 and 0.4mm thickness on their metal products.

When need normal surface marking, 20w fiber laser marking machine will enough.

But for deep engraving, customers usually chose 50w fiber laser marking machine. Usually some chose 30w for about 0.3 mm and 0.3mm engraving. 50w or 30w fiber laser marking machine, depend on what kind depth you need to engraving on your products.

If you now do guns business, freely contact us for more info.

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Fiber Laser Marking Systems are the Good Choice for Industrial Applications–Doris

Since its inception in the late 1950s, lasers have been used to perform marking and engraving activities. For a majority of the time, two main laser systems were used by various industries – lamp pumped and diode pumped laser marking systems. Recently, new advances in research and technology have given way to a new laser system – fiber-based laser markers.

What are Fiber Laser Marking Systems?

These systems have been designed based on the latest in fiber pumping technology. The laser system is comprised of groups of optical fibers, which are impregnated with rare-earth atoms. Light-emitting diodes shine into the fibers, which pump the rare-earth atoms. When a majority of the rare-earth atoms are excited, a laser is created.

How are the First Generation Laser Systems Different from Fiber Laser Markers?

First generation flash lamp laser marking machines use a glass tube filled with a noble gas and a crystal rod with rare-earth atoms. A high voltage passes through the tube generating short bursts of intense white light. The light is then focused onto the crystal rod, pumping the rare-earth atoms to create the laser. Diode laser marking systems utilize semiconductor based LEDs in place of the noble gas filled tube. The light from the LEDs is focused onto the crystal rod, creating the laser.

Comparing Fiber and First Generation Laser Marking Systems

All three systems are being used for marking and engraving activities across America. Therefore, the only way to judge if one system is better is to create a comparison between the systems.

Benefits and Disadvantages of First Generation Laser Marking Systems


High energy beam

Long service life


Low stability

High expenditure

Large and bulky, requires a lot of factory space

Both systems require an external cooling system for heat control

Benefits and Disadvantages of Fiber Laser Marking Systems


Beam quality is better compared to first generation systems

Provides durability in terms of laser marking

Laser volatility is reduced to a great extent

Cost-effective operation

Eco-friendly – does not utilize harsh chemicals

Easy to install in any location

Small footprint

Uses air cooling system, which eliminates need for external cooling

Does not utilize any consumable resources

Requires minimal maintenance


Self-phase scattering

It is clear to see from the comparison that fiber laser technology trumps first generation laser systems. With its wide range of benefits, fiber laser marking systems can support a variety of industries including medical, OEM, military, and research laboratories.


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How to chose the Fiber Laser Marking Machine in market?–Part One –Doris

If your company is in the manufacturing, electronics, or even medical sectors, sooner or later, all kinds metal and most plastic, you will require laser marking for your products and components. The best solution for this is a fiber laser marking machine. The non-contact fiber laser marking process is well-known among customers for the following reasons:



*High-temperature resistance

*Application to various materials

*No need for toxic inks, solvents, or acids

How to chose a fiber laser marking machine in market?

Only simply understanding the advantages of fiber lasers is not enough. There are other factors that you need to consider.

fiber laser marking machine
Factors for Choosing a Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

The following are parameters specific to the laser source, which you need to keep in mind when choosing a fiber laser marking machine.

Beam Quality: Beam quality is an important parameter, as it affects the laser’s processing capability. The reasons for the importance of beam quality are simple:

*A laser with better beam quality can remove material much faster, with better resolution, and improved quality.

*Laser markers with high beam quality can produce a focused optical spot size down to 20 microns or smaller.

*High beam quality lasers are particularly suited for scribing and cutting materials such as silicon, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Single or Multi-mode Lasers: There are two types of fiber lasers – single mode and multi-mode. Single mode fiber lasers deliver a narrow, high intensity beam that can be focused down to a spot size as small as 20 microns, and are generated within a fiber core of less than 25 microns. This high intensity is ideal for cutting, micro machining, and fine laser marking applications. Multi-mode lasers (also called higher order mode), use fibers with core diameters greater than 25 microns. This results in a beam with a lower intensity, and large spot size.Single mode lasers have the best beam quality, while multi-mode lasers allow for the processing of large components.

Mark Resolution: The type of fiber laser machine you choose will determine its mark resolution capabilities. The machine should be able to achieve a sufficient mark size and quality. Fiber laser marking machines generally consist of 1064nm lasers, which provide resolutions up to 18 microns.
fiber laser marking machine company
More important details will continue~~~

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