Four Factors Affecting marking speed-Nancy

Four Factors Affecting marking speed-Nancy

Four Factors Affecting marking speed-Nancy

Four Factors Affecting marking speed will introduce to you here.

Laser marking is a process that uses laser beam to leave permanent  signs on the surfaces of different materials.

The effect of laser marking is to expose deep matter through the evaporation of surface matter.

Or to print the trace through the chemical and physical changes of surface matter caused by light energy.

Or burn some materials by optical energy, and display the patterns and characters needed to etch.

Laser marking machine is more faster than other traditional marking equipment, especially the fiber laser marking machine.

It can reach the marking speed of 10000mm/s in ideal state.

How to achieve the ideal state?

STYLECNC will take you to learn what are the 4 factors affecting the speed of laser marking machine?

First. The size of the marking area.

The marking speed of small format laser marking machine must be more higher than large format laser marking machine. Because the deflection of large format mirror is much larger, which naturally has a certain effect on the speed of marking.

Second. The marking depth of laser marking machine is an important factor affecting the marking speed.

If we have a deep requirement for the marking process, we need to adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine, increase the marking power and the current of the laser marking machine.

It will make the marking speed of the equipment be affected.

Third. The intensity of the marking character will also affect the speed.

When the marking area is the same, the spot is the same, and the marking depth is also the same.

The density of the marking is higher, the marking speed is slower.

After all, the marked density of the characters is large, which is equivalent to directly increasing the area required for laser marking.

Fourth. The laser spot size of the laser marking machine is also a factor affecting the speed of laser marking.

If the laser spot is larger, the marking speed of the laser marking machine is faster.

And if the laser spot is smaller, the marking area of the laser marking machine will also decrease.

Therefore, the size of the laser spot will have a certain effect on the marking speed.


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How to mark different colors with fiber laser-Ariel

Most of  customers asked to us how to marking color on stainless steel by fiber laser marking machine.How to mark different colors with fiber laser?We will introduce it in this article.

For fiber laser marking machine ,you can mark black, white and golden color easily.

1.How to mark different colors with fiber laser? When marking black color, leave the focus above or under the marking face, decrease the laser power to 80% and increase the speed under 100mm/s.

2.How to mark different colors with fiber laser? When marking white color, leave the focus above or under the marking face,increase the laser power to 40% and decrease the speed under 1400mm/s.

3.When marking face on focus, you can get golden color.

Of course, these area similar parameter, you need test it around them.

As for other colors, this machine also could do it, but it’s hard and we need to test with your material.

In general, It can mark white, gold, and black color on stainless steel and carbon steel. It only can mark color on high quality stainless steel, just like 304.

If you want to mark color, pls better tell us your stainless steel number. We will make detailed parameter for you in advance. Then after you got machine, all will be convenient.

1.Laser power:

Now in the market,mainly have 20w/30w/50w/60w/100w:

  • 20w suitable for surface marking;
  • 30w suitable for some engraving works;
  • 50w and 60w gain more popular in jewelry cutting and guns engraving industry;
  • 100w engraving speed is better than 50w,60w,however,because of its cost,so very few customer chose this model.

If you just need to engrave on metal materials,30w will be Fine.

2.Laser source:

98% customers would like to chose Raycus as the reasonable cost and good quality,so we recommend you this one.

Hope it is helpful for you,if you have any questions of machine ,welcome to contact to us.

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How to find fiber laser marking machine focous .-Amber

How to find  fiber laser marking machine focous

When laser marking machine used, it will involve the problem of correcting the focal plane. Equipment manufacturers emphasize the importance of focal length during equipment installation training and sample adjustment. Laser laser engraving on the correct focal length surface is a key factor for the equipment to properly perform its performance. The direct users of the equipment should know how to properly debug the laser marking equipment. The focal length confused and misunderstood. Today I will give you a summary of some conventional laser marking machine focal length debugging methods.

  The first method: continuous light test

Draw a square or circle of about one centimeter on the marking software, and fill it conventionally. Adjust the laser energy to a relatively large value in the laser setting parameter column, use the low frequency as much as possible, and then select continuous marking, and laser project on the product surface. Place a block such as a metal business card at the position, continuously mark the light, and shake the Y axis up and down until the laser is applied to the metal business card with the strongest energy, the clearest sound, and the brightest color, which is basically the focal length. Test a few more times to find the right focal length.

After finding the focal length, we can use a ruler to measure the distance from the down lens to the surface of the object. Use this distance as a fixed value. The next time you mark the same item, you only need to take out the ruler, so that the height of the galvanometer to the surface of the item can reach this value again.

  The second method: red light point value method

It can be positioned by configuring additional red light. This method requires the device to have this hardware configuration. Install one or two oblique red lights next to the galvanometer or galvanometer. Using some principles of a right-angled triangle, use a fixed right-angled edge and two overlapping hypotenuses. Find the other right-angled side of the focal length. You only need to shake up and down until the two red light points coincide to quickly find the focal length. Although this method is convenient and fast, it requires equipment to have this device.


How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marker-Ariel

How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marker

This article is about How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marker.

The purpose of fiber laser marker is to improve productivity to the enterprise. So how to improve the marking speed of metal laser marking machine?

The following are several influential factors.

laser marking machine

Firstly,Marking density.

In the same case of format, spot, and depth, the higher the density of the marking, the slower the corresponding marking speed. Because the density directly increases the marking area.

Secondly, Marking format.

Since the deflection area of the large-format marking galvanometer is increased, the marking speed of the large-format surface is slower than that of the small-format marking.

Thirdly, Marking depth.

According to the demand, if the depth of the marking needs to be deepened, the parameters of the metal laser marking machine need to be adjusted. Increase the power, current and other factors of the metal laser marking machine. Therefore, these will effect marking speed.

And fiber Laser marking machines divided according to lasers. So we need to select different laser marking machines according to the working conditions, marking materials and format. As the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world, the fiber laser marking machine has a wide application range and  recognized as a new generation of solid laser replacement. It has good beam quality, fast marking speed, small size and convenient use. And the working life  long, and it has  favored in the marking industry. To achieve the normal use of fiber laser marking machine and long life, daily cleaning, maintenance and maintenance is essential.

Hope this information is helpful for you.Anyway, If you have any question of machine,please feel free contact us.

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The difference between fiber laser and Mopa laser marker-Ariel

The difference between fiber laser and Mopa laser marker

Many clients ask us about the difference between fiber laser and Mopa laser marker.Today we will talk about it.

What is Mopa fiber laser marking machine

if The most popular way of achieving power scalability is the “MOPA” (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) approach. The “MO” produces a highly coherent beam, and an optical “A” is used to increase the power of the beam while preserving its main properties. The “MO” has no need to be powerful, and has no need to operate at high efficiency because the efficiency is determined mainly by the “PA”. The combination of several laser amplifiers seeded by a common “MO” is essential concept of the High Power Laser Energy Research Facility. This is mopa fiber laser marking machine.

Different between Mopa laser with Q-switched laser

If Now Q-switched fiber laser marking machine is the most popular fiber laser marking solution in market. We use mopa laser on more and more fields.

so But also it have limited on some special material, such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium, plastic etc.  however mopa laser can do it.

if Compared with Q-switched fiber laser source, Mopa laser’s can adjust pluse. so it have more wide application then Q-switched laser.


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Main functions of 3D fiber laser marking machine-Lisa

Main functions of 3D fiber laser marking machine-Lisa









Laser marking machine have very fast development nowadays, we can see 2D laser marking machine have very wide application in so many fields. But the disadvantage of 2D laser is it can only work on the flat surface. With the help of rotary device, we can use it mark some cylinder, such as cup. Even in this case, it have many limitation on curved surface marking. So 3D fiber laser engraving machine rise in the market.

3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine









3D means Dynamic focusing, compare with ordinary 2D laser machine, 3D laser marking machine use different galvo head. Ordinary 2D scanning head only have two mirrors, but 3D scanning head have three mirrors. The third mirrors can move forward and backward. This is the key technology of 3D laser marking machine.

Except scanning head, control card and control software is the brain of laser markers. One good control software will make complex operation become very easy. Most company will development the software together with scanning head.

1. Curved laser marking








3D laser marking machine have three main application. include curved laser marking, emboss laser engraving large format laser marking machine.1. Curved laser marking

This type 3D laser’s working size usually under 300*300mm. We can use it mark curved surface and ball surface. Different with rotary marking, 3D curved marking have very high precision and working speed is much more faster. It is same with normal flat marking.

2. Emboss laser engraving







Emboss laser engraving is same popular with curved laser marking. we can use it make many art crafts, gift, mold etc. Its main application is deep engraving.

Although 2D laser machine can do deep engraving, all depth is same and in same leveal. 3D laser engraving can reach different depth and the performance seems like three-dimensional pattern.

3. Large format laser marking machine






We know the max working size of 2D laser marking machine is 300*300mm now. But many people need do large working size. With 3D laser marking machine, usually its working size can reach 600*600mm. As for bigger size, it need customized scanning head.

Although 3D laser marking machine have many special application, its price also is higher now. Most customers can’t accept it. With the help of development and price decreasing, it may become same popular with ordinary laser in the near future.

If you want to know more details about this machine, you can contact me by below:

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Bird rings engraved with fiber laser marking machine-lisa

Bird rings engraved with fiber laser marking machine-lisa

Spring is here and to many of us that means BABY CHICKS!! There can be one problem: how do you tell which is which?

Why would you want to keep track of you baby chicks? Well, the answer varies from poultry fancier to poultry fancier but here are a few reasons.

Breeding Program

– One of the main reasons you would want to track your baby chicks is so that you know their lineage. So this would be done by using one of the methods that allows you to track the individual birds. Which means it needs to have numbers on them.

Tracking a Breed

– Sometimes a breed can be easily identified by the type of eggs or the chick marking so you want to tag them and id them right away so you can keep track of that bird.

Age/Year of the birds

– You may want to band your birds so you know how old they are. Layers are usually only laying a lot of eggs for about two years so if you have flock of mixed age birds you should band them so you know which birds belong in which age group.

If you are a bird lover and you happen to read this article, you must be a lucky man.
Yes we already found the ways to solve this problems.
In recent years, fiber laser marking machine is becoming popular on the applications of bird rings.
This is the mini type fiber laser marking machine, a compact model that can save space and shipping cost

what is MOPA laser


Please click these videos to learn the working

1:fiber laser for marking bird rings

2: laser marking machine for rings

3: pigeon rings with laser marking machine

From the video, you saw the rotary and fixture bar are both necessary.
1. Fixture bar, fixing many pcs of rings on one steel, and achive marking once time






2.Rotary device, clamping the steel bar and make it rotating for marking different sides







In summary, fiber laser marking machine widely used on the marking rings, bird rings, pigeon rings, finger rings,

Most of metal materials you can use it to mark

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Enclosed Jewelry fiber laser marking machine -Jill

Enclosed Jewelry fiber laser marking machine  from XT LASER

Enclosed Jewelry laser marking machine – Main components:

1.Firstly, Fiber laser source: IPG/Raycus/JPT laser source

2. Secondly,F-theta lens: Singapore wavelength brand ,110mm engraving and cutting area.

3. Thirdly,Galvo head: Sino brand galvo head,SG2206, good quality.

4. Fourthly,Computer: Lenovo laptop,Win10

5. And also,Control software: EZcad 2.14.10 original control software for machine

6. And also,Manual Pillar:500mm electric z-axis pillar

7. And also,Protect glass: With CE  FDA certification

8. And,Extra red light: To help you find best focus position. Free of charge.

9. And,Rotary device: Optional, for round object like rings and bracelet

10. And,2D work tableoptional and other standard parts standard

Jewelry laser marking machine – sample

30w can cut up to 0.7mm brass, gold, silver. But better cut within 0.5mm, will be higher speed.

50W can cut up to 1.2mm brass , gold, silver. But better cut within 1mm, will be higher speed.

Most customer also choose the fixture device and dust collector. Work together with the rotary device and machine.

Here are some Enclosed Jewelry laser marking machine cut sample. Just for your reference.

Enclosed Jewelry laser marking machineMore questions just let us know.
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keyboard laser marking machine-Jill

keyboard laser marking machine

We have many customers buy laser engraving machine to mark on keyboard.But many customers  still do not  how to choose suitable keyboard laser engraving machine.We would share more info in this article.

1.First,as for the machine model

In the laser marking machinemarket,there is mini portable,mini-enclosed,desktop model.Euraopean customers would like to choose mini-enclosed model.Indian customers would liek to choose desktop model.Besides,mini portable is the best seller.With small size,it can save room and shipping cost.

2.Secondly,as for the laser type

We suggest the fiber laser,which is socially used in the keyboard industry.

As for fiber,there are two kinds:fiber Raycus and fiber mopa

3.How to choose?fiber is better ?or mopa?

In order to give best suggestion,when u buy the machine,u need to tell us the keyboard info

1)Waht is the keyboard brand? 2)laptop or desktop?  3)Black,white or silver color?  4)backlight or not?

Especially for keyboard marking,there are many kinds of materials.Different material,different marking result.

4.Raycus for backlight Max keyboard

If ur keyboard is only backlight model,such as Mac Air A1466,etc.30w or 50w Raycus is okay.50w with 300*300mm lens is the best choice.If budget is not enough,30w is also okay,but as for 30w with 300*300mm lens ,the marking speed would be a little slow.

Here share u the videos

Raycus for Mac:

5.Mopa for others

Besides that,mopa is the best choice for u.Especially when u want to mark white color on black color.If u want to use Raycus,the marking effect may be a little with gray or yellow color,instead of white.Acccording to our experience ,30wmopa can achieve a good outcome.

If use Raycus,here is the video:

U can see,the effect is not good with yellow color

If use mopa,here is the video:

6.Difference between Raycus and mopa

In order to let you know more about the mopa and Raycus laser,here share you the difference:
MOPA laser and Raycus or IPG laser are both 1064nm wavelength laser beam.
1)MOPA laser source is Pulse width (2ns-250ns)  and Pulse frequency (1-1000HZ) , so MOPA laser is more flexible.
2)Raycus laser is Normal Q-Switched laser source,  Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.
Pulse width 90-130 ns,repetition frequency 30-100 kHz.

When marking on the plastics,such as pvc and keyboard,the mopa effect is more delicate and can not make the black plastic become yellow and gray.
That’s why we suggest you mopa marking machine.

More questions ask us freely

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Can metal laser cutter cut high-reflective materials?-Anne

Can metal laser cutter cut high-reflective materials?

At present, in addition to stainless steel and carbon steel, the metal processing industry also has a relatively wide demand for copper and aluminum.

When purchasing fiber laser cutting machine, many customers will ask whether they can cut aluminum, copper and other high-reflective materials.
So what is high-reflective materials, how to judge it?

1. Resistivity judgment

The most conductive material is high-reflective material. The smaller the resistivity, the better the conductivity; the larger the resistivity, the worse the conductivity.

Among common steels, the resistivity is increased by carbon steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensite and austenitic stainless steel.

2. Judging by the surface structure

If the surface of the material is very smooth, the absorption rate of the laser is small, it is a high anti-material.
It should be noted that if the surface is too smooth (even if it is not a high anti material under normal conditions), it is also a high anti material for laser processing.

3. Judging by surface condition

If its surface temperature is different, under the same laser irradiation conditions, its absorption rate of the laser is also different.
Generally speaking, when the temperature is high or the surface is liquid, the absorption rate of the laser is higher; the surface of the material is low temperature or solid, and the absorption rate is usually lower than the liquid state.

4. Judging by the laser output wavelength

In fact, everyone knows that high-reflective materials are very important in laser processing.

However, many types of laser technology are affected by materials. Sometimes it will cause unstable operation and destructive automatic shutdown during processing. Even there will cause great damage to the laser, which invisibly shortens the life of the laser.

Hope it is helpful for you. If you have any questions of machine,welcome to contact us.

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