Advantages and technology of galvanized sheet laser cutting machine-Flora

Advantages and technology of galvanized sheet laser cutting machine

Advantages and technology of galvanized sheet laser cutting machine

Application of laser cutting machines is now more and more widely. Metal plates of various thicknesses can use laser cutting machines to cut, and galvanized sheet can also use laser cutting machines. Galvanized sheet is a common material in the manufacturing industry. And galvanized steel sheet is to prevent corrosion on the surface of the steel sheet and extend its service life. The surface of the steel sheet is with a layer of metallic zinc. so its main applications are household appliances shells, civil chimneys, kitchen appliances, etc. What is better for cutting galvanized sheet? Of course, laser cutting machine is better for cutting galvanized sheet.

From the perspective of auxiliary gas, there are generally three cutting processes for galvanized steel, namely air cutting, oxygen cutting and nitrogen cutting.

Air cutting: The advantage is that the processing cost is extremely low. You only need to consider the electricity cost of the laser itself and the air compressor. There is no need to incur high auxiliary gas costs. Besides, he cutting efficiency on the thin plate can match the nitrogen cutting, which is an economical And efficient cutting method.

Oxygen cutting: This is the most traditional and standard cutting method. The advantage is that the gas cost is low, and in sheet metal processing dominated by carbon steel. Besides, there is no need to frequently switch auxiliary gas, which is convenient for factory management.

Nitrogen cutting: Nitrogen is good for high-speed processing. Because the role of nitrogen is different from oxygen for combustion, it plays a protective role, so the cut section will not produce oxide scale. Many companies are fancy this advantage, so the cutting of galvanized steel sheets often use nitrogen for processing.

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How to solve the burr problem of laser cutting machine?-Flora

How to solve the burr problem of laser cutting machine?

How to solve the burr problem of laser cutting machine?

During the cutting process of the metal laser cutting machine, due to improper operation and technical problems, the processed materials should not produce burrs. Why is there burrs? In fact, burrs are excessive residue particles on the surface of metal materials. If a piece of material has burrs, it can be qualitatively defective. The more burrs, the lower the quality.  Then, how to solve the burr problem of laser cutting machine?

The working principle of the laser cutting machine, technical analysis has obtained the cause and solution of the burr.

First, there is a deviation in the up and down position of the focus of the beam
Solution: adjust the position of the focus and adjust it according to the offset position it produces

Second, the output power of the machine is not enough
Solution: First, check whether the laser cutting machine is working normally. If it is abnormal, then it needs to be repaired and maintained in time. While, if it is normal, check whether the output value is correct.

Third, the wire cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow.
Solution: timely adjust and increase the wire cutting speed

Four, the purity of the auxiliary gas of the cutting machine is not enough.
Solution: explain to improve the purity of auxiliary gas

Five, the laser beam of the cutting machine is offset.
Solution: Debug the focus and make adjustments in time

Six, the instability of the laser cutting machine operating for too long.
Solution: Turn off the machine and restart it and let the machine rest
Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, as well as the parameter setting factor. After the customer purchases the laser cutting machine, a professional operator must debug the equipment.

Solutions for burrs in sheet metal processing by laser cutting machines:
First, an air compressor is necessary and use auxiliary gas for cutting.
Second, find a professional operator to debug the parameters of the laser cutting machine until it is normal.

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Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?-Flora

Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

Fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut metal materials. But in actual production, many coated metal materials need special treatment to maintain their integrity. Otherwise, scratches will easily occur during multiple transportation projects. It requires high processing parts.  Therefore, many metal materials are with coating.

The metal coating can ensure that there is as little friction damage as possible during the transportation process, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. Therefore, sales of these products are very important to their appearance, and scratches are not Yes. Can the laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut the coated metal. Next, we can take a detailed look at the operation process of the fiber laser cutting machine to cut the coated metal.

The laser cutting machine cuts the film-coated metal sheet. First, the side of the film is up, and cut the film first. After cutting the film, it will cut the metal sheet. This two-pass processing can be effective Guarantee the quality of materials. However, choosing laser source needs to consider the type and thickness of sheet.

So, why don’t we put the layer of the film facing down to avoid the damage of the work platform to the material and complete the cutting at one time?

If the side of the film is facing down, the residue when cutting will adhere to the top of the film due to heat. It will affect the finished product. Quality has a great influence. Therefore, it is recommended to cut the film before cutting the metal sheet.

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Hight quality precision fiber laser metal cutting-Wendy

Hight quality precision fiber laser metal cutting

Precision fiber laser metal cutting.

Precise laser cutting performed in the same way as a traditional milling machine. Both techniques allow cutting on X, Y and Z axes that apply to cutting mechanisms. Meanwhile, a milling machine uses a drill to create cuts, a laser cutter uses a high-energy laser.

Laser cutting is the easiest for the product, allowing cutting to start at the edge of the material. Most precision laser cutters have both piercing and continuous wave cutting capabilities. Pierce holes often add a few seconds of production time to each part and should be avoided if possible.

Laser cutting offers many advantages over traditional metal cutting techniques because laser cutting produces no physical contact with the cut materials. As a result, laser cutting provides improved accuracy and can cut complex shapes. Other benefits include consistency across a wide range of parts, partial deformation, and the ability to quickly create design changes. In addition, the risk of injury will be smaller.

Laser cutting equipment

Laser cutting machines have two types: CO2 gas and solid state Nd: YAG. CO2 laser interesting activity of atoms contained in a mixture of CO2 that resides in the laser chamber. When excited the electrons in the molecule expel some of their energy in the form of light energy. The result is a high-temperature laser beam that melts, evaporates, or burns contact points created with the facility.

Carbon dioxide laser cutters create continuous waves into higher powers than Nd: YAG lasers. They are also quite power efficient, continuous wave outputs for industrial CO2 laser cutting machines ranging from a few milliwatt (mW) and a few hundred kW (kW). A current radio frequency or can be used to stir CO2 mixtures. RF resonance is less prone to erode electrodes and is therefore more common.

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How To Improve Laser Marking Efficiency-Wendy

How To Improve Laser Marking Efficiency

To improve laser marking efficiency, there are some methods to achieve it. And to improve the efficiency is very important for some customers. I will talk about how to improve it by this chapter.

Fiber laser marking machine is a new marking craft without pollution and energy consumption. To bring higher production efficiency and create higher value to the enterprise is also the main goal of this kind of machine. To achieve how can speed it up, we have been exploring all the time. But how to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?


The main influence factors of fiber laser marking machine are divided into internal factors and work piece processing factors.

The internal factors are mainly laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power. We should be pay attention to internal factors when selecting and selecting the early models. And we should also follow the opinions of laser engineers to select and purchase the models.

Another factor that we need to pay attention to during customer processing is mainly marking density, marking width, marking depth and laser spot size.
Under the conditions of the same width, the same light spot and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed. The reason is that the density directly increases the marking area.

Marking Format

Because the deflection area of the galvanometer for large-format marking increases, the marking speed of large-format is slower than that of small-format marking.

Marking Depth

To achieve marking with depth, we must let the machine repeat over and over again, the laser move once, will left a 0.01mm depth on surface.  So for example, you want mark on some metal with 1mm depth, then the laser must move 100 times.

So how to improve it?

To select a small-amplitude field mirror within a suitable range. And controling the density during marking and select a small density within the range that can meet the requirements. The most important is to ensure the daily maintenance of the machine and keep it in good condition.

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Advantages for Fiber Laser Cutting Craft — Tony

Advantages for Fiber Laser Cutting Craft

In these years, Fiber laser cutting machine as a new invention, this craft is replacing other cutting method rapidly. There are lots of advantages of this machine. Whichever in speed or size. Today we mainly Talk about the main advantages of the fiber laser cutting machine performance.

Advanced cutting technology

First, this new type of fiber laser cutting machine using in the cutting principle is a high-performance laser cutter. In the process of cutting the laser will emit countless high-performance, high-energy laser rays, the laser generate huge energy . The instantaneous cutting of the surface can be vaporized, so that you can easily cut off a very hard interface. At present this process is also a most popular cutting process,there is no other craft could replace it in this filed. More important is this cutting process in the cutting process which is very fast, you can instantly very thick steel plate easily cut. And cutting The accuracy is also very accurate, cutting the cross-section accuracy can reach a few millimeters or so. It can meet some of the high demand for cutting needs.

The cutting performance is very stable

Second, this laser cutting machine in working process, which is extremely stable use of the world’s top lasers. The life of this laser will last for several years, and in the use of the process in addition to human factors. Almost no Any system itself is faulty, so even if the laser cutting machine under long working pressure. More important, it will not produce any vibration or other adverse effects.

Operation process is very convenient

Otherwise, the operation system is a software which is design for laser cutting machine specially. And it is very easy to control the system. And any parameter already set up before you use it. Therefore, it is very convenient. And the technical team will teach you to operate the machine.


cnc fiber laser cutter

Operation cost of carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine

Is the fiber laser marking machine able to cut?—Tony

Is the fiber laser marking machine able to cut?

The marking machine able to cut or not,  that is the most question I was asked when I was in Shanghai for APPP EXPO last week. During the EXPO, we displayed our fiber laser marking machine to audiences. We run this machine, let it to mark, to engrave. And because of the effect is perfect. Our machine attracted lots of customers to circusee. Because we engrave the stainless steel and aluminum on the EXPO, so many customer ask us the question. Whether it can cut?

So first, in principle, yes, the machine is able to cut metal indeed. But it is not same like laser cutting machine. Because of the laser source are different,the laser source of fiber laser marking machine is pulse laser. However, laser source of fiber laser cutting machine is continuous laser. The laser type is different. The more important is fiber laser cutting machine’s laser power stronger than fiber laser marking machine a lot.

So the fiber laser cutting machine is much easier to cut metal sheet than fiber laser marking machine. And when we use laser marking machine to cut metal, In principle, this is a process of repeat marking. Base on our knowledge, laser mark once will left 0.01m‘s depth on material. So if people want to cut metal by laser marking machine, in principle, you need let the machine repeat over and over again. And wait for a long time, then the materials should be cut off by the machine.

So, how about in reality? Is the machine able to do that. If you really want to cut some metal by fiber laser marking machine. First you need enough time to wait, after you confirm your material’s thickness. Then you can start the machine to do it right away. And the laser craft is a kind of heat treatment, so ensure pause the machine after a while, let the material be cool. If the machine continuous processing, the material is easy to out of shape. And the focal depth is limit. So ensure the focal point is on the surface as well.

Notes on laser source installation and disassembly of Fiber laser cutting machine-Max

Notes on installation and disassembly of laser source from Fiber laser cutting machine

First is how to do installation of laser source:

laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine

 After the laser is placed in the designated detection area, the hardware control connection between the machine and the laser is performed.
Then please ensure that the cutting head and the jumper output lens are clean and the inner lens must be free of dust.
Next is to connect the laser jumper output section to the cutting head and mount it on the machine.
Then Connect the jumper output head and the cutting head waterway and other connecting lines.
The last is to turn on the water circuit and circuit, and turn on the laser without any abnormality.

Second to performace Cutting:

For first step, it is to adjust process parameters (cutting speed, cutting air pressure, focus position, nozzle size, cutting height, perforation parameters, perforation pressure, blowing delay, light emission delay, etc.). And rember to ajust thinner plates for different lasers according to the detection requirements of lasers of different powers Cutting test for thick plates.

Last is on disassembly:

First step is to turn off the laser, circuit, and water path. Secondly, remove the cutting head and jumper output head and clean the remaining water stains on the jumper output head.
Then disassemble the connection between the laser and the machine control line.

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Fiber laser metal cutting machine+XT Laser Wendy

Fiber laser metal cutting machine

When choosing a metal cutting machine. More and more customers pay attention to machine body. Gantry and water chiller. Because they can have a big effect to the machine stability, precision and speed.

– Machine body: Plate welding machine body. This kind of machine bed has strongly reasonable structure. Then it is produced by relief annealing. So that the whole structure is very firm and hard to be deformed.
For thick plate welding machine bed. Inside the metal plates are solid. So even after long time of running. It will still remain stable.

-Manganese Steel Gantry: It combines all of advantages between Welding Tube Gantry & Casting Aluminium Gantry.
Manganese Steel Gantry not only has as light weight as Casting Aluminium Gantry. But also has better flexibility and rigidity than Welding Tube Gantry.
Also Our Manganese Steel Gantry is processed by Hot Treatment.
The biggest advantages. The rate of deformation in Manganese Steel Gantry is only 1/3 to Welding Tube Gantry.

-Tongfei water chiller: It’s a very important part, but easy ignored by customer. Mainly cooling for laser source and cutting head, if water chiller broken, the whole machine can’t work well. We are using Tongfei brand, the best quality in China, there are some other brand, such as Dongluyang, S&A CW… they are suitable for Co2 or low power machine, not for fiber.

Hope the [No.2] email can make you sense of our machine, otherwise, customer also likes to pay attention to the shipping and package.

-Vacuum package: All of our cutting machine will do the vacuum package, in this way it can avoid moisture and rusting.

-Five years warranty: As the first factory who can offer five years warranty, it based on the confidence of our machine quality, and also we would like to offer a better after-sell service to customer.

Main Characteristics of laser cutting machine–XT Laser Wendy

Main Characteristics of laser cutting machine–XT Laser Wendy

Main Characteristics 1:

  • l Superb quality of laser beam. Constant BPP within all the ranges of laser powers. Then long focus can still get pretty small laser spot.
  • l Special wavelength(1070nm). Then having special capability of cutting highly-reflective materials. Such as aluminum. Cooper and brass,etc.
  • l electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply>25%. Then much more efficient than CO2(<10%). So that consumption of electricity has been depleted very much.
  • l Laser is transmitted by fiber cables. Then almost no consumption during transmission.
  • l Modular design, “using immediately after plugging in”. Mini size,easy to be installed. Then no maintenance of laser supply. Then and transmission system of laser beam.
  • l Life span of pumping source >100,000 hours

Main Characteristics 2: Precise beam quality, with a small divergence Angle

Unique design of QCS joint was relieved from the foreign products. Then using QBH joints need to add the deficiencies of the collimating lens. Divergence Angle is small, simple maintenance

Main Characteristics 2: Unparalleled product life

Using single cell junction semiconductor pump laser pump sources. Then it used as a fiber laser. Fiber laser has the characteristics of long life.

Main Characteristics 2: Low power consumption, the product maintenance free

Fiber laser has excellent thermal performance. High electro-optical efficiency. Then water saving electricity saving. Especially important is can free maintenance for a long time to use. It can save a lot of maintenance funds and time. Then improve work efficiency.

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