Amazing, the laser cutting machine into the high school new curriculum standard-Angelina

Amazing, the laser cutting machine into the high school new curriculum standard

Laser cutting machine was included in the “17-1834 General High School General Technical Curriculum Standards” and “17-1847 General Senior Secondary Information Technology Curriculum Standards”.

The new curriculum standard pays more attention to students’ creativity development and technical invention.

And learn to use 3D printers, laser cutting machines, electric irons and other maker tools.

After years of development,people use laser cutting machine in industrial production.

And they have turned from high-end craftsmanship to standard equipment in many industries.

1.Applied industry of fiber laser cutting machine

1. sheet metal processing

As we know,the advantages of high-efficiency and high-quality laser cutter are popular in the processing of sheet metal.

Then it makes the sheet metal processing free from the original high cost, multi-manpower and inefficient processing methods.

2. the automotive industry

In the automobile manufacturing, whether it is the body-in-white or the automobile parts, the laser-cutting figure is indispensable.

So the laser cutting machine is formed at one time.

And the processing effect is higher, fully satisfying the production demand of the automobile industry assembly line.

3. Advertising industry

Besides,The advertising industry has a fast update rate, high customization rate and low efficiency in traditional processing.
Moreover,it has gradually become the mainstream in the advertising industry.
No matter what kind of words,we can cut it quickly.
In addition, laser cutting machine is popular in rail transportation, aerospace, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery.

XT Laser has been in the field of laser cutting machine production and research for many years.

And it has launched a number of widely recognized flat laser cutting equipment.

In the future, with the increasing popularity of laser cutter, XT Laser will continue to bring more efficiency to the market.

And it is Stable, cost-effective laser cutting products.

Fiber laser cutting machine operation process – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine operation process

XT LASER said that the fiber laser cutting machine is now an indispensable processing equipment in the modern sheet metal industry. With the upgrading of the industry and the improvement of processing requirements. And the high-energy laser has successfully developed the fourth-generation fiber laser after years of design and development. And the cutting machine not only has a high improvement in efficiency. But also achieves the ultimate in the optimization of the operation. So let introduce fiber laser cutting machine operation process.

Operation steps of fiber laser cutting machine:

1. Determine the materials that need to process, fix the sheet metal material on the processing machine. And then determine the smoothness of the material placement. So as to avoid the jitter during the cutting process, resulting in the accuracy of the cutting.

2. Operate the console, enter the product cut pattern, and cut the material thickness and other parameters. Then adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position, then reflect and adjust the nozzle center.

3. Start the regulator and the chiller, set the water temperature and water pressure of the chiller.

4. Start the laser and then turn on the machine.

Although the above four points are very brief, it takes a lot of time to practice in the actual operation process to familiarize yourself with the details of each operation. Inevitably, when operating the fiber laser cutting machine, there will some faults and problems. Let’s summarize and share the following.

1. Boot without any reflection

◆ Whether the power fuse burnt out: replace the fuse.

◆ Is the power input normal: Check the power input and make it normal.

◆ Is the main power switch damage: Replace the main power switch.

2. No laser output or laser is weak

◆ If the optical path is offset: carefully adjust the optical path.

◆ Whether the focus of the device focuses changes: readjust the focus.

◆ If the laser tube damage or age: replace the laser tube.

◆ Whether the laser power supply energize: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.

◆ Is the laser power supply damage: Replace the laser power supply.

3. Processing size has errors or malfunctions

◆ Is the signal cable normal: Replace the signal cable.

◆ The power supply is unstable or has interference signals: install a voltage regulator or eliminate interference signals.

◆ Whether the processing parameters are set correctly (such as layout, etc.): Reset the corresponding parameters.

◆ Is the machining program written normally: Check the programmed machining program and modify it until it is normal.

Fiber laser cutting machine dust treatment – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine dust treatment

When the fiber laser cutting machine used for a long time, it will produce a lot of dust. And it will generate a lot of dust for the surrounding machinery. Therefore, we should treat the dust in a phased nature so that it can guarantee during the processing. Then make sure that dust does not image the normal operation of our laser cutting machine. And you can find fiber laser cutting machine dust treatment.
The development of today’s technology has brought about the development and emergence of a series of high-tech products. And fiber laser cutting machine equipment is an important processing equipment of today’s industrial manufacturers. It can apply to the cutting of any material during its cutting process. Processing, like the processing of metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials. And with the corresponding metal fiber laser cutting machine, and for non-metallic materials, not, leather, etc.. Then it has a special processing of non-processing metal fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, the dust generated by cutting has become a major problem in the processing of various industries.
These dusts affect the health of the workers and the service life of the equipment. Therefore, dust removal is a workflow that operators must learn. And how to deal with these dusts? Next, Tianqi Laser Ni Lan shares the following two ways to deal with dust.

1. Fiber laser cutting machine dry processing referred to as dry cutting

When the fiber laser cutting machine dry-processed, a simple treatment is performed on the suction device on the cutting platform. And the filter-filtered exhaust slag can meet international standards. So this device becomes at present, the most common soot trapping device works by utilizing the amount of suction generate by the comparative westerly device to perform a higher degree of soot collection. Thereby experimenting with a simple negative pressure cutting. Because of its simple structure, it widely used in the industry.

2. Fiber laser cutting machine wet processing referred to as wet cutting

The working method has different principles from the dry type. The cutting platform of the fiber laser cutting machine is used to change the cutting environment during the cutting work, so that the method can directly cut the underwater or water surface, and use water to capture the cutting. The soot generated in the process achieves a purification process and cutting effect. Since laser cutting is a processing principle using a laser beam, this method has a certain image for the cutting quality, but the dust generated by the cutting is almost zero, and many merchants will adopt this processing method.
The above is a different way for the fiber laser cutting machine to handle dust. We can handle it according to our own methods and methods. Only in this way can we ensure that the fiber laser cutting machine will not cause problems during the processing. The fiber laser cutting machine is in the process. In the process of processing, only in all aspects can be cut well, I believe we can be prepared accordingly.

How to optimize the cutting effect of metal fiber laser cutting machine?-Angelina

How to optimize the cutting effect of metal fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine as the 21st century advanced manufacturing technology, is more and more popular in the world now.

Because of its high-speed working, nice cutting performance, long lifetime and low maintenance cost.

While, during the regular using.

We could also optimize the cutting effect, base on the more professional technical knowledge and working experiences.

Now XT Technology would like to share some optimize methods with you.

Fiber Laser cutting machine surface roughness mainly depends on the following three aspects:

1. The inherent parameters of the cutting system, such as spot mode, focal length, etc .;
2. Cutting process can adjust the process parameters, such as power size, cutting speed, auxiliary gas type and pressure;
3. Physical properties of processing materials, such as the absorption rate of laser, melting point, melting metal oxide viscosity coefficient, metal oxide surface tension.

In addition, the thickness of the workpiece also has a great impact on the quality of the laser cutting edge performance.

In contrast, the smaller the thickness of the metal workpiece, the higher the cutting surface roughness level.

To obtain a better surface quality level, the laser power, cutting speed and other process parameters must be optimized several times.

In general, for materials with the same characteristics and thickness, the process parameters have a set of optimal cutting process parameters.

Will also yield a different incision surface quality.

The melting point of the metallic material is low, the thermal conductivity is large.

The viscosity coefficient of the melt is small, the surface tension of the metal oxide is small.

And the surface quality is easy to be obtained when the laser is cut.

Laser cutting of the plate, easy to measure the surface quality, but in the fine processing or cutting some of the complex patterns.

It is difficult to directly measure it, only by optimizing the test parameters to control the surface quality.

Therefore, in order to facilitate the realization of automated cutting, should establish the external optimization parameters and surface quality level of the corresponding relationship.

If you are interest in the metal laser cutting machine. Please feel free to contact our company.

We are always welcome your inquire.

How to Deal with Reflective Metals with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?-Angelina

How to Deal with Reflective Metals with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Over the past decade, fiber laser cutting machine have revolutionized industrial materials processing because of their unique combination of performance, reliability, and cost advantages.

Therefore,fiber laser sources have displaced many traditional metal cutting methods in existing applications.

And they have made possible new applications that people cannot address with previous technologies.

One of the outstanding applications is that fiber laser cutting machine is capable of processing reflective metals with favorable results.

How to cut reflective metals with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

In fact,laser processing on reflective metals needs special fiber laser sources.

As the reflected beam will damage the laser machines, nLIGHT fiber laser source we use make fiber laser cutting machine to cut reflective metals.

And fiber lasers are the most modern, swift and cost effective way to cut thin reflective metal sheets.

As these lasers do not use mirrors and delicate lenses, the reflection from metals like copper, aluminum and brass do not damage the cutting equipment.

So Fiber laser technology is the best way to cut reflective metals.

Advantages of  fiber laser cutting machine for reflective metal sheets:

First of all,Stable processing of polished stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Auctually,nLIGHT fiber lasers  on our fiber laser cutting machine specializing in cutting high reflective sheet metals.

This fiber laser source incorporates a proprietary back-reflection isolator that protects all modules from back-reflections generated by the workpiece.

Moreover,the whole cutting process is safe and stable, without any damage to the laser source.

Secondly,highest uptime with the lowest cost of ownership.

Besides,our fiber laser metal cutting machine design enables end users to manage maintenance and service regularly.

It results in higher machine uptime, lower cost of ownership, and a greatly improved customer experience.

Thridly,Improved cutting performance.

Our fiber laser cutting machines are good for precision metal parts manufacturing industries.

Featuring with faster processing of fine features, and better processing quality through minimal heat affected zone, they have been popular among customers.

More features and advantages of our fiber laser cutters, pls contact with


High quality Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Angelina

High quality Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

To know the features and details about fiber laser cutting machine, let us first know what laser cutting is.

To start with laser cutting, it is a technique which includes using a laser to cut materials.

We usually use this technology for industrial manufacturing applications.

But these days it is finding application in  schools and small businesses too.

Even some hobbyists are using this.

This technology directs the output of a high-power laser through optics in most cases and that’s how it works.


fiber laser cutting machine

If you are going to use a typical commercial laser for cutting materials, it will involve a motion control system.

This motion follows a CNC or G-code of the pattern to be cut into the material.

When the focused laser beam is directed at the material, it either melts, burns or blown away by a jet of gas.

This phenomenon leaves an edge with a high-quality surface finishing.

There are industrial laser cutters ,which we  use it  to cut flat-sheet material.

We also use it to cut structural and piping materials.

1.More details about fiber laser cutting machine

There are many types of fiber laser cutting machine from their technology and functionalities.

However,There are three main types of lasers we use it in fiber laser cutting machine .

We use the fiber laser cutting machines for various industrial applications.

Following are the features of these machines which make these machines so popular.


  • Fiber lasers have higher wall-plug efficiency as compared to other laser cutting machines.
  • These machines give the advantage of maintenance-free operation.
  • These machines have the special feature of easy ‘plug and play ‘design.
  • Moreover, they are extremely compact and hence very easy to install.
  • There is higher flexibility of beam delivery in case of fiber lasers as compared to other laser cutting machines.
  • These machines allow the processing of highly reflective materials too.
  • They provide lower cost of ownership.

The advantages of fiber laser cutter machine-Angelina

The advantages of fiber laser cutter machine

Nowadays, more and more Chinese manufacturer produce the fiber laser cutter machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine is popular among the metal processing market.

Many metal producer choose the fiber laser cutter to cut their material.

Besides, with the Chinese technology is becoming more and more mature, many foreigner customers choose us.

Among so many manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine.

Why so many customer choose our company in the end?

This passage will give some advantages of our XT LASER machine.

1.The advantages of fiber laser cutter machine

Fist of all, the thick plate welding machine body.

This type machine is our newly designed machine body, special in the market.

This type machine is heavy in weight, which could assure the cutting accuracy and cutting outcome.

fiber laser cutter machine

Secondly, it is the Manganese Steel Gantry.

We all know that the gantry is also an important parts of the whole machine.

Manganese Steel Gantry not only has as light weight as Casting Aluminium Gantry ,

but also has better flexibility and rigidity than Welding Tube Gantry.

Also Our Manganese Steel Gantry is processed by Hot Treatment.

The biggest advantages, the rate of deformation in Manganese Steel Gantry is only 1/3 to Welding Tube Gantry.

Thirdly, the water chiller, we all know that the water chiller plays a big role in the whole machine.

It is important to cooling the cutting head and laser source.

So the manufacturer must choose the best brand water chiller.

The Tongfei is especially for coiling the fiber laser equipment.

Nearly all of the professional manufacturer of fiber laser cutter machine use this chiller.

fiber laser cutter machine water chiller

Some other suppliers would like to use the CW or the Doluyo water chiller.

This two types chiller is mainly used in the co2 laser industry.

Therefore, the cooling outcome will not be as good as the tongfei brand.


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