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Software of fiber laser cutting machine-XTLASER                                                                                                                                              Fiber laser cutting machine software is very important for the machine.                                                                                                      And some customers worry about the machine software operation.

No worries, it is easy, customers can learn it well in short time. Our engineer can install the machine to door and provide free training for customers.

The software of fiber laser cutting machine. Engineers will tell you know to operate face to face. And we also have online English after-sale service engineers. They also can tell you how to operate face to face. So you don’t worry.

Firstly, for metal plate cutting, the software support format is DXF file. Its same as CO2 machine and other CNC software.  Tube cutting need IGS or ZZX format, I think most customers use some CAD software to make designs. And it also can export the IGS format.

And below are the demo software link, you can try it by yourself.

Many customers said the function is similar like CAD, easy to operate.                                                                                                      Cutting tube and cutting plate with the different software of fiber laser cutting machine.

So Cypcut is for plate cutting software, Cyptube is for tube cutting software.

Plate cutting software:

Tube cutting software:            You can check the machine working videos:

Secondly, there are many basic functions, like nesting, array, drawings, scale, Micro Joint, Auto sort etc.                                Except these parts, then it is the cutting parameters settings. We should set the gas pressure, focus, cutting height, pierce, frequency, cutting speed for different materials and thickness.

Before shipping, engineers will test the machine and save parameters on your machine. And usually for fiber laser cutting machine, customers need engineers installation and training. So do not worry about it.

Thirdly, the software with the control handle, including the signal receiving device, you can leave the machine 5 meters away to operate the machine, no need worry about the safety.

On control handle, there are the functions to adjust the laser head, the cutting position.

Like Zero, make the laser head back to Zero point.

Frame is to make sure the cutting position.

And control the laser head move back and forward. Blow the gas.

Start cutting, stop cutting, pause cutting.

Dry cut, no real cutting, to check Mechanical running, etc.

So no need to worry about the operation. Do not image a big problem for yourself.

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