The safety of handheld fiber laser welding machine-Serena

The safety of handheld fiber laser welding machine-Serena

The safety of handheld fiber laser welding machine.

How is the safety of XT laser handheld welding machine.

1. The welding head is connected to the ground clamp.

Only when the ground clamp clamps the metal, the welding head can emit light.

If it is clamped in non-metal, even if the button is pressed.

It will not emit light, to avoid misoperation if it is not fully prepared.

2. The focal length of the welding head is about 150MM.

So the range beyond 30CM of the welding head is safe.

So please set a safety warning line for the 30CM near the operating table.
3. Welding requires the light to be out of focus.

The welding effect is the best and the safety is the highest.

It can avoid sparks caused by strong light and can also extend the life of the protective lens.

Defocusing is to adjust the scale on the copper nozzle of the welding head.

Where the test time is strongest, the copper nozzle can be adjusted up and down to form defocusing

Sometimes the strong light welding will burn the protective glasses.

And the sparks will cause the operator’s clothes to burn, etc., so it is recommended to test the off-focus before operation.
4. Radiation problem. The certificate shows that the radiation level of the welding machine is level 4, which is in line with the body’s acceptance range, so don’t worry.

5. Basic protective measures must be taken before operation: wear heat-resistant gloves and protective glasses

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