Have a safe fiber laser cutting machine operation:Charry

Have a safe fiber laser cutting machine operation

Have a safe fiber laser cutting machine operation.

Have a safe fiber laser cutting machine operation

Some customers want to buy fiber laser cutting machine,then pls follow some professional suggestions.

1.Pls make sure the local voltage.

It is single phase?3 phase? the voltage is?the frequency is?

For Chinese fiber laser cutting machine,it support 3 phase 380V voltage,50HZ or 60HZ is no problem.

But we need according to the frequency to set the suitable chiller and fan.

You know,chiller is to cooling the laser source,and laser head,it is really important.

Some of customers local voltage is 3phase,most of industrial voltage is 3phase.

For these customers,some is 380v,can connect with machines directly.Some is 350v to 450v, then need one voltage stabilizer.This device will help you to make sure the voltage into 380v.

And some of customers,the local voltage is 208v,220v,480v,etc,these customers need one device with two functions.

this device will stabilize the voltage into 220V firstly,then transfer the voltage into 380V finally.
So it can make sure to provide the stable voltage as our machine needed in the long time.

Also a few customers is single voltage,220v voltage,then it need one phase converter,change the single phase to 3 phase firstly.Then make sure the voltage power,maybe need one stabilizer,or maybe need the device with two functions.

2.The cutting limit and frequency.

For different laser powers,the limit thickness is different.

For example,some customers need to cut 5mm stainless steel,actually,1000w can cut it,but it is limit,and cutting speed is slowly.

If you need cut it every day,then we recommend 1500w,cause as machine or as any other products,the limit working is not good for machine,will shorten the whole machine life time.

If you need cut it just several times per month,then 1000w is okay for you.

As a factory,our goal is to help customers make sure the suitable solution.

So when we want to confirm the details with you,hope you can understand it.

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