Reasons affecting the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine-Jill

Reasons affecting the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine


Firstly,drawing.This is an important reason .Precision.smooth lines.And no jagged addition.And we should use this drawing file.under the layout of sheet metal processing materials.The size is just right.
The accuracy of drawing affects the fiber laser cutting quality .

2.Different functions

Secondly.Depends on the material.

We should use different setting.

Such as,for high-reflective metal,and usual common metal.

Usual metal is stainless steel and carbon steel.

The fiber laser cutting quality is not same.


Stainless steel cutting

carbon steel cutting

aluminum cutting

3. blowing air or not?

Thirdly,blowing air or not.

When cutting metal,we should use blowing air function.So that we can get the ideal effect.

However.For some metal,we do not need to use this function.

But sometimes,we should adjust the blowing air parameters to get the best effect.

4. cutting speed

furthermore,cutting speed.

when we use the fiber laser cutting machine to cut.

some of the materials need slower speed. the cutting quality is good.

but some of them are the opposite.


Hope this can help u.

besides,there are many more other reasons.

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