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Advantages of 12KW fiber laser cutter

As we all know, if a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. In the sheet metal processing industry, the fiber laser cutting machine is such a cutting tool, especially after the emergence of the 12kw fiber laser cutting machine, the processing range and thickness of the laser cutting machine continue to break new highs, so we will show you the advantages of 12kw fiber laser cutter for your reference.

Firstly, advantages of 12kw laser cutting machine in production efficiency

Advantages of 12KW fiber laser cutter
Advantages of 12KW fiber laser cutter

The maximum laser cutting speed of 12KW laser cutting machine for metal processing can reach 140m/s. Which is unmatched by traditional processing methods. High-speed processing not only saves labor costs, but also saves production time. The important thing is that the traditional processing method requires a series of complex operations such as measuring and scribing the workpiece before processing.Before cutting the workpiece, the workpiece will be measured and drawn with a series of complex operations, and it is very It is a waste of time, the laser cutting machine saves this step, and only needs to input the painted pattern to quickly process the finished product, which effectively improves the production efficiency.

Secondly, advantages of 12kw laser cutting machine in sheet thickness

At present, laser cutting machines  in the field of metal processing. Whether it is common metal materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel. Or difficult high-reflective aluminum plates, fiber laser cutting machines can easily cope with it without pressure. With the continuous improvement of laser cutting machine power, the thickness of the metal sheet that can be processed is also increasing. The thickness of stainless steel processed by a 12KW laser cutting machine can now be up to 120mm. With the increase in the thickness of the processed material, a manufacturer with a 10,000-watt laser cutting machine can have more development directions, expand its business. And produce more Products, speed up product updates, and enhance market competitiveness.

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