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Protective measures operating laser cutter

The main working principle of the laser cutting machine is to rely on the laser. When carrying out industrial operations, we must take some protective measures to avoid unnecessary injuries to the body.

● Protect your eyes

When using a laser cutting machine, we will habitually stare at the cutting head. It is particularly harmful to the eyes. Staring at the cutting head for a long time can cause tingling in the eyes. In severe cases, it can cause damage to the cornea and retina.

● Protect your skin

In addition to the eyes, the laser can irritate the skin. Laser can cause tissue damage, but this damaged skin can repair itself. Although it wil reduce the overall function of the skin. But it will not affect the overall functional structure. However, if you do not pay attention to the irradiation under the laser for a long time, it will cause skin burns or scars. Although the damage to the skin by the laser is much smaller than that of the eyes, it must also pay enough attention.

● Respiratory protection


When operating the laser cutting machine, it may affect our respiratory tract. Because the laser will generate a certain high temperature, this high temperature can be combined with the gas to complete various cutting tasks. During this process, a large amount of dust will be generated, especially when processing some special metal materials, the generated dust will contain many chemical components , Inhalation will cause serious harm to the body.

XT laser fully protective fiber laser cutting machine XT GP adopts fully enclosed laser protection cover, equipped with special laser protection glass observation window, equipped with scientific soot purification treatment system, overall beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly. It can minimize the damage to eyes, skin and respiratory tract, and is the first choice for modern manufacturing enterprises.