Protection for the skin against laser radiation of jewelry laser welding machine-lisa

Protection for the skin against laser radiation of jewelry laser welding machine


The unit has been developping for dental applications. Every workpiece is an individual part, the processes cannot be automatic. The dental workpiece must be

held with the hands as a large number of various materials with different measurements, appearances, surface compositions and fitting tolerances are

connected together in various combinations or processed at their surfaces.


At the moment protective gloves against laser radiation technically cannot be realized and would hinder or even make impossible to work on the very small parts.


The same problem exists for the use of holders, tweezers etc. Therefore this laser has to be classified as work equipment for the dental laboratory that bears the

threat of minor injuries. Due to the design of the unit, the area of danger will reduceing to the hands and arms of the operator. In case of false operation the tissue of the

skin can slightly be burnt by laser influence. In case of severe burns the operatorshould seek medical treatment.


Caution: Invisible laser radiation!

You can avoid direct laser radiation to your hands:

Do not position your hands directly under the crosshair or in the laser beam!

Look through the stereo microscope and position the workpiece that the welding point appears sharp within the crosshair!

Take care that the hands do not appear – if possible – in the field of view of the stereo microscope!


Keep your hands calm while releasing the laser pulse with the footpedal switch!

Always look through the stereo microscope and control the position of you hands

and the position of the workpiece!


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