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How to protect eyes when using laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine is professional equipment for metal plate cutting. As you know, laser have different safety levels, the laser-produced from metal laser cutting machine may do harm to our eyes, so when we use this machine, we should take some measures to protect eyes.

fiber laser cutting

The typical protective device for the machine is laser protective glasses, according to its protection principle, it can be divided into reflection type, absorption type, diffraction type and composite type. This is the safer and more convenient protection device of the laser machine.

Except wear protective glasses to protect eyes, there are also some tips to protect eyes.

(1). Paint the walls of the workplace darkly to reduce radiation;

(2). Install protective screens or drapes to minimize laser damage to the eyes. SENFENG SF3015H laser metal cutting machine has full protection to reduce laser radiation, many customers would like to buy this machine to do their metal processing business.

(3). Warning: in the work area, the operator does not look directly at the arc or flame while cutting.

These are some measures to protect eyes when using this machine. If you want to get more using tips about our machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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