W Series

Large Format High Power Laser Cutting Machine

12000W-60000W Optional

 Processing Size: 3200*13000mm / 3200*22000mm Are Available

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Large Format, High Power

The W-Series laser cutting machines are oversized to provide you with unprecedented processing flexibility. Equipped with a high-power laser head, cuts thick metal plates easily.

Designed for Safety and Reliability

The W series is equipped with a safety light curtain that automatically senses objects other than metal and sounds an alarm, ensuring the safety of the operator and the laser cutter.

Superior Processing Capability

In addition to the ability to cut large-format thick metal plates, the W series can easily realize beveling to meet the needs of different shapes, giving you more possibilities for your products.

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Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Details

Laser Cutting Machine Processing Table

Laser Cutting Machine Processing Table

W series laser cutting machine has a super large format, 3200*13000mm, 3200*22000mm, and other processing sizes to choose from, providing customers with a wide range of processing space.

The combination of machine body design and butt plate welding machine ensures cutting flatness and precision, bringing higher efficiency and better processing effect to customers’ production.

Safety Light Curtain

Safety Light Curtain

Safety light curtains on both sides of the beam provide all-round safety for operators and equipment.

This design can monitor the working area in real-time and automatically stop the cutting process when it senses the entry of people or objects, effectively avoiding accidental injuries and ensuring the safety and stable operation of the production environment.

Convenient Human-Machine Interaction

Convenient Human-Machine Interaction

The laser cutting machine is equipped with an intelligent and easy-to-use control system, which is easy to operate and quick to start. The high-definition large-screen display intuitively shows the processing parameters and status information, making the operation more intuitive and convenient.

Flood Seal Failure Detection

Intelligent Laser Head-Flood Seal Failure Detection

Intelligent detection of gas pressure in the cavity of the next one and the next two protection mirrors through sensors, intelligent diagnosis of the problem, and early warning.


Model XT-W32130
Working Area 3200×13000mm
Max Linkage Speed 100m/min
Max Acceleration 1.0G
Positional Accuracy ±0.05mm
Re-positional Accuracy ±0.03mm

Application Fields

laser format laser cutting machine in Architectural Decoration

Architectural Decoration

W series laser cutting machine can be used for cutting various metal plates, realizing fine processing and engraving of building façade, walls, railing, and other decorative elements, and injecting unique artistic charm and personalized design into the buildings.

laser format laser cutting machine in automobiles

Automobile Manufacturing

With its high efficiency and precision, the large format laser cutting machine can be used for cutting automobile body plates, chassis structures, and internal parts, realizing fast and precise processing of various metal materials and improving the productivity and quality of the automobile manufacturing process.

laser format laser cutting machine in Shipbuilding


Due to the cutting capacity and multifunctional processing function of the W series large format laser cutting machine, it can be used to cut hull structures, internal ship parts, and decorative parts, realizing fast and precise processing of ship materials.

Laser Cutting Samples

metal sheet laser cutting machine samples

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